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Why Am I Not Getting Matches Hinge

Written by Shane White

If you’ve been on various dating apps for a while, made the switch to Hinge hoping to find “the one”, and then been rewarded with nothing, it can be pretty disheartening.

Why aren’t you seeing any success on the app — is it you, your bio, or is it something to do with your account?

Well, there could be a multitude of reasons why you’re not seeing any attention on Hinge. But don’t worry! We’re here with our best advice for how to bump up those matches and potentially find love!

In this article we’ll cover:

  • How Hinge works

  • Whether or not girls have the option to Like first

  • Why you might not be getting any matches

  • How to maximize your Likes

  • How girls and guys can get more matches

  • Hinge user red flags

  • What you should when someone Likes you

  • Our 5 top tips for improving your profile

  • Frequently asked questions.

Let’s get into it and get you some more matches!

How Hinge Works

Hinge is a dating app much like Tinder. You can browse through other profiles of men and women (depending on how you set up your preferences), view their pictures and Prompt answers, and Like them.

Once you’ve expressed interest in the other person, if it’s mutual and they also Like something on your profile, you’ll be able to match and message each other and start conversations.

However, unlike Tinder, Hinge doesn’t want you to make friends or have casual hookups — they want to help get you into a relationship.

With their slogan, “designed to be deleted”, the hope is that by showcasing your personality, you’ll be able to meet your ideal woman (or man!), and it will actually lead somewhere!

Hinge is primarily a location-based app, so the algorithm will suggest others to you who are in your area. However, it also uses machine-learning based on your set preferences (you can set anything from height to religion, to future family plans) as well as your activity on the app to show you people you may vibe with.

As we’ve already mentioned, Prompts are a pretty big part of the app’s experience. Instead of writing a regular profile, you’re instead given a series of questions to answer which will reveal details about your life.

These are displayed on your profile for everyone to see and — in addition to needing a minimum of six photos — you’ll have to answer three Prompts in order for you to begin matching with others.

As Hinge is all about relationships, your chances will be much better the more open and honest you are about yourself. It’s not really a numbers game with Hinge, it’s more about making genuine connections. 

So, don’t just Like anyone that comes your way — not only will it confuse the algorithm, it could also stop you from meeting the right people and getting matches!

Do Girls Like First on Hinge?

On Hinge there are no special rules like on other dating apps, such as girls needing to Like you before you can Like them. Anybody can take those first few steps, look through a profile and Like images, Prompt responses, or leave a comment.

In fact, the data shows that those who leave a comment as well as a Like are three times more likely to match!

Proof that words really do matter.

Why Am I Not Getting Any Matches on Hinge?

If you haven’t been on the app for very long, one of the reasons why you may not be making any matches (according to Hinge) is simply that it takes time.

Because Hinge is so focused on genuine connections and helping you find someone you really connect with, they actually hold back from showing you everyone who may be in your area initially.

This is also down to how you set up your preferences. If you have less preferences stated, you’ll have more options in terms of other profiles to browse.

In our opinion, though, the number one reason we see for folks not getting matches, is simply that they haven’t optimized their Hinge profile.

What does that mean? Incomplete profiles, short one-word answers, and — worst of all — bad photos! Even the dreaded sunglasses pic!


If you aren’t putting your best foot forward, then how can you expect to get matches?

Other reasons why you may not be seeing any matches:

  • Your profile is boring and basic

Try to inject a little humor and fun into it — making someone laugh is a great way to get them interested in you.

  • You’re not being authentically you

We’re not going to lie: putting together an online dating profile takes time, work, and fine tuning. But the best place to start is from a place of honesty and truth. Be real about who you are, as well as your wants, desires, and future plans!

  • Your Prompt answers are dull

We’re big fans of Prompts, because it gives you an easy, fuss-free way to talk about yourself and the things you love, without making it seem too self-focused. But if your answer leads a potential match to see you as just another “beer guy”, or “gym guy”, or “boring guy”, then you’re not using them properly.

Put a little fun into it! And, top tip: use the 70:30 rule when crafting your profile and Prompt answers. Ie, 70% of it is about you, and the remaining 30% is the type of person you’d like to meet.

  • You’re not on the app enough

The algorithm takes into account your activity and usage. So, if you’re not using it regularly enough, or haven’t updated your Prompt answers or images in a while, it won’t be showing you very many people you could potentially match with

  • Other users may not be taking it seriously

According to some research, while you may be in it for the long haul, some users are only using dating apps for entertainment purposes, and not for serious dating. It all comes down to the “gamification” of dating apps — if the thrill is in the match, then why take it any further?

A great way to try to improve your Hinge profile is by getting a couple of good friends to give you some feedback. Ask them to honestly critique your photos and Prompt responses, and see how you’re really presenting yourself to the world!

And, if it’s images that are your downfall, then you should get in touch with The Match Artist!

We specialize in photos for your dating profile, so if it’s matches you want, it’s matches we can get you!

How Do I Maximize Likes on My Hinge Profile?

To maximize your Likes make sure you:

  • Optimize your Hinge Profile

Fill out every section, make sure you upload at least six great photos of you (and a good variety), answer at least three Prompts, and try to inject some personality and humor into it!

  • Don’t set your preferences too strictly

While you can set preferences for pretty much everything, by doing so you could be missing out on someone great who’s just outside of your settings. Be open minded and don’t get too specific when it comes to other people!

  • Put in the effort on other people’s profiles

Make sure that you’re engaging with other people the way that you’d like them to engage with you! As mentioned, sending a comment as well as a Like is a great way to get noticed.

  • Pay for premium

Unfortunately, basic Hinge is just that: a bit basic. With Hinge+ or HingeX you get access to unlimited Likes (rather than eight a day), meaning you could potentially be seeing a lot more matches.

  • Make your images irresistible

We’re going to say it again: on dating apps, your photos are the number one most important factor for getting more Likes, matches, and dates. Don’t coast by with images pulled from Facebook or Instagram, and upgrade your images with professional-quality, expert photography!

How Girls Can Get More Hinge Matches

There’s a few different things you can do as a girl to get more matches on Hinge. These include:

  • Make sure your images are top notch

Guys are a bit more basic (sorry guys!) and tend to go for girls with great photos first of all! By making sure you have a great variety of photos that show you in your best light, you can guarantee that you’ll get more Likes and matches.

  • Showcase your hobbies and interests

Like hiking? Mention it in your profile. Have an interesting hobby? Choose a Prompt where you’ll be able to show it off.

  • Be real, genuine, and positive

There’s nothing more attractive than someone who loves life, is confident, and authentic, so bring your best qualities to the table and watch the matches pour in!

  • Be upfront and honest about what you’re looking for

Again, guys need things spelled out for them in simple terms: don’t play games and be clear with what you’re looking for, what you want, and what are your dealbreakers. Guys will appreciate it!

How Guys Can Get More Hinge Matches

Honestly? The online dating game for guys is a bit of a harder playing field. But there are definitely things you can do to make sure that you’re optimizing your Hinge matches. These include:

  • Posting recent, attractive photos of yourself

Try to avoid selfies (and definitely no gym selfies), choose high-quality images, and include a variety.

  • Make her laugh

One of the most attractive things about a guy for girls? If they’re funny. Humor goes a long way, so try to keep it light and funny!

  • Be genuine and authentic

We can’t overstate it: women love men who are real. Nobody wants to potentially match with someone and then find out that they lied about who they were! Start off on the right foot and lay your cards on the table.

  • Use your Prompts and preferences to find common ground and shared values

As Hinge is aimed at those looking for a relationship, it’s even more important to make real connections. Take the time to set your preferences and choose Prompts that can really hone in on your values.

What Should You Never Do On Hinge?

While there’s plenty of opinions out there about what could be perceived as a turn-off on Hinge (no dead fish photos, please!), Hinge released some data and information about things they do not recommend you do!

  • Don’t post images where the other person will have to guess who you are or what you look like

Group shots, photos where you’re covering your eyes, photos that have too many filters — these are all big no-nos when it comes to your Hinge profiles! So toss them out and get some great high-quality professional images instead.

  • One group photo is enough

Having one image that shows that you have friends is more than enough! After that you’re just inviting your potential match to compare you with your friends. 

And group photos with other women? Big yikes! Avoid!

  • No gym or mirror selfies

Listen, we love a good workout just as much as you do, but stick it on your Instagram, not your Hinge profile! 

And as for mirror selfies, evidence suggests that those who post a lot of mirror selfies could be more prone to psychopathic tendencies…! So let’s just rule that one out, too.

  • No smoking, please

Even if you are a smoker, keep it away from your Hinge profile. Research by Hinge has shown that this is a major turn-off for the majority of users.

  • Say farewell to clichés and basic profile info

Cliché prompt answers are a huge no on the app. It doesn’t tell anyone anything about who you are or why they should match with you.

Equally, if you aspire to a relationship like Jim and Pam’s on The Office, maybe keep that one to yourself?

  • Keep it light but don’t be “that guy”

While your profile shouldn’t be too heavy and serious, equally you don’t want to dismiss every Prompt with a flippant, sarcasm-heavy answer. Remember, the key to connection is being genuine.

What to Do When Someone Likes Your Picture on Hinge

When someone Likes one of your photos on Hinge you’ll get a notification. From that notification you’ll either be able to reply, dismiss, or match with them. Once you’ve matched, you’ll be put into a private chat room with the other person and can message them, or wait for them to message you.

Our advice? Once you get that Like, take a moment to look through their profile, decide if you’d like to connect with them, and then act straight away.

Why? Because if someone has Liked something on your profile, they’re obviously interested in getting to know you better. Responding immediately means that you’re interested, too, and you could potentially catch each other online and start a conversation.

Additionally, once someone has Liked something on your profile, they’ll move into the Likes You feed on the app. If you’re on basic Hinge, you’ll only be able to see the top result, with the rest blurred out. This means that if you don’t act quickly, you could miss your opportunity to do so!

5 Tips To Improve Your Hinge Profile

1. Pick an Awesome Primary Image for Your Profile

Ideally, your primary image should be a headshot of you facing the camera and smiling. Make sure it’s a high-quality image (no blurry phone photos, please!) and shows off your features.

(Need help? Contact The Match Artist and we’ll even take you through facial expression coaching to make sure you look your absolute best!)

2. Showcase a Variety of Images

The best online dating profiles have images that show who you are in a multitude of different environments and situations. 

Think close-ups mixed in with full-body shots, photos of you outside and inside, photos of you with friends or family (just make sure you caption it as such so there are no misunderstandings!), photos of you with your doggo (a big tick), and photos of you having fun.

3. Choose Photos That Are Likely to Start a Conversation

As mentioned, a photo with a beloved pet (dogs do marginally better than cats, but if you’re a cat person, go for it!) is a great photo to have on your profile. Not only is it cute as heck, it’s also a great conversation starter.

Equally great are photos of you traveling (just avoid the cheesy tourist clichés, such as holding the Eiffel Tower by the tip, or propping up the Leaning Tower of Pisa), photos of you hiking or rock climbing (if those are your thing), or photos of you doing an activity you love.

The point is to tap into something that could be common ground, or at least interesting to talk about!

4. Serve Up the Right Prompts

Some prompts are going to be able to give you more interesting answers than others. For example, “My drink of choice is…” as a prompt is much less interesting than, “Fact about me that surprises people…”.

You can sing the Star Spangled Banner while gargling water upside down? Weird flex, but a great conversation starter!

5. Set Your Match Preferences for Your Needs

While we would always recommend staying open to all of the possibilities, if there are some absolute must-haves or dealbreakers for your long-term dating life, then you can set these as preferences in your settings.

Dealbreakers will stop any profiles matching those parameters on your feed, while preferences will simply filter through the best matches for you.

Just be careful not to be too picky!

Why Am I Not Getting Any Matches on Hinge FAQs

Why do I rarely get Likes on Hinge?

You may not be seeing as many Likes on Hinge for a variety of reasons. The way the algorithm works it focuses on quality rather than quantity, so you naturally won’t see as many Likes as compared to Tinder, for example.

You may need to give it a bit of time, especially if you’re new to the app. You may also need to optimize your profile, by uploading better quality and recent images, or answering your Prompts in a more interesting and creative way.

Why is no one matching with me on Hinge?

If you aren’t seeing any matches on Hinge, you likely haven’t presented yourself in the best possible way in your profile.

Pay attention to:

  • Your images

  • Your Prompt answers

  • Your activity on the app

  • Your preferences

  • Your dealbreakers

  • Your location settings.

You’ll need to fine tune your profile and make sure that it’s fully optimized, in order to see more profiles and potentially match with someone.

Still not having any luck? Consider signing up for Hinge+ or HingeX.

Do girls Like first on Hinge?

There are no rules when it comes to who can make the first move on Hinge. In fact, usually men tend to Like or message first, but research has shown that women who put themselves out there early on often have better success!


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