The Team

Shane White


Shane is the founder of a software company and a popular wedding DJ company. Shane’s passion for The Match artist started when Nick shot some photos one night and suggested he uploaded them to Tinder. After many dates later, he had a girlfriend and thought he could be helpful to other guys in search of love and relationships. In addition to being full time at The Match Artist, Shane enjoys piloting his plane, and running every day of the week. He guarantees your experience with The Match Artist will be memorable.

Nick Friesen

Founder / Photographer

Nick ran a wedding and headshot photography company for years. He picked up a camera while studying piano performance in college and fell in love with portraits and facial expression coaching. Outside of coaching guys to look their best in photos, he enjoys coffee, playing piano, and spending time with his two dogs.



Nate has been a professional photographer for over a decade now. He has a longstanding career in helping people gain newfound confidence while showing them a side of themselves they haven't seen before and in their very best light. By having explored a widely diverse aspect of the field he has accumulated over time, not only a vast understanding of creative dynamics and vision, but also directing fundamentals. He always makes the most of every experience and is very effective and strategic while being personable in every sense, making for a great working relationship and report.



Shiloh has photographed some of the top celebrities including Christopher Nolan, Seth Rogen, Jessica Chastain, and more. Based outside of San Francisco, in addition to photography he also enjoys writing, directing, and acting in films.



Jason has been shooting photos for 20+ years and has really fine tuned the art of natural looking portraits. Originally from California, he enjoys yoga, natural health, and playing guitar.



Mike is based in NY and has been shooting for 17 years. He was named Time Magazine's community Artist of the Year in 2022 and is an art educator in the Web3 space. Outside of shooting street + portrait photos, he's big into hiking, camping, and skating.



Originally from Topeka, Mike has a unique eye for intriguing portraits. In his spare time, he takes killer astrophotography photos, travels frequently, and is pretty nerdy about his tech. The Match Artist resonates with him because he actually met his wife on Tinder and together they have a relationship podcast.



Joel picked up a camera 12 years ago, and it's how he finds peace. His ability to notice and coach facial expressions is top-notch. He's constantly searching to prove to people that they can look good in front of the camera, maybe even for the first time.



Allie makes sure to choose and edit the best photos from your shoot for maximum matches. Outside of assisting The Match Artist, she enjoys improv, hiking, and crossword puzzles.