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What is The Male to Female Ratio on Hinge?

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If you’re new to Hinge or considering joining the app, you might be curious about the gender balance of the user base. After all, it’s an important factor when it comes to your chances of finding a match and building a relationship!

But how do you find this information, and what do you do if there are a lot more guys than girls on the app, or vice versa?

Well, fear not, because in this article, we’ll dive into the data, studies, and insights to give you a clear picture of the male-to-female ratio on Hinge. We’ll cover:

  • The amount of male vs. female profiles on Hinge

  • Hinge demographics, including age and politics

  • How active members are on Hinge

  • Hinge success rates for men and women

  • Where people can use Hinge

  • Frequently asked questions.

Let’s dive straight in!

What Percentage of Women Are on Hinge?

Around 36% of Hinge’s user base comprises female users. 

While this might seem like a smaller percentage than men, it’s still a significant number of women to match with! 

For example, the gender ratio on Hinge may vary depending on factors such as age, location, and preferences. The older users get, the less disparity there is between genders. 

Additionally, Hinge’s focus on building genuine connections and long-term relationships may attract women who are looking for more meaningful connections than just casual hookups.

What Is the Male to Female Ratio on Hinge?

Based on the same demographic study, the male to female ratio on Hinge is approximately 2:1, with men outnumbering women. 

While this gender imbalance may pose a challenge for male users seeking matches, it’s essential to note that Hinge still has a sizable user base with a range of preferences and backgrounds!

Hinge’s algorithm prioritizes matching users who share similar interests and values, providing everyone with a better chance of finding compatible partners!

Additionally, Hinge’s features, such as conversation starters and Prompts, can help break the ice and initiate meaningful conversations, improving the chances of making connections.

Overall, while the gender ratio on Hinge may not be entirely balanced, it still gets plenty of downloads from people seeking genuine connections and relationships, regardless of gender or orientation!

What Are Hinge’s Demographics?

While some of the other dating apps may have a significant skew in one direction or another, Hinge’s demographics are diverse, with users of all ages, gender identity, and sexual orientations. 

Average Age of Users on Hinge

According to statistics, Hinge is most popular among the younger generation, with almost half of its user base aged between 18–29. The next significant portion of users falls in the age range of 30–49. The number of users above 50 is quite low, constituting only about 2% of the total user base. 

These figures highlight that Hinge is a dating app that appeals more to the younger crowd, making it an ideal platform for singles in their twenties and thirties looking for meaningful relationships.

Having said that, as the next largest demographic are those 30–49, Hinge could also be a good platform for those who may have recently separated from long-term partners, and be looking for a fresh start.

Politics on Hinge

Hinge users can express their political views on their profiles, with options ranging from liberal to conservative. 

This feature allows users to filter potential matches based on their political beliefs and values, which can be a crucial factor for some individuals when choosing a partner.

However, as with all first impressions, it’s not always a good idea to lead with politics, or controversial and offensive opinions or comments. 

While politics may be particularly important to you (and, in which case, it’s a good idea to set those preferences early on), having an open mind is the best stance to have when meeting new people. After all, you never know who you may come across who’s just outside of your “ideal” preferences zone!

What Number of Hinge Users Are Active?

Hinge has a significant number of active users, with millions of members across the world. 

The app has grown in popularity over the years, especially during the pandemic, where people turned to online dating to find connections. 

The active user base is continually growing, making it an excellent platform to meet new people!

What is the Hinge Success Rate for Men?

The Hinge success rate for men varies depending on their preferences and how they use the app. However, studies have shown that Hinge has a higher success rate than other dating apps, with a focus on meaningful connections and long-term relationships. 

Men who take the time to create a detailed profile, use conversation starters, and show interest in their potential matches have a higher chance of success on the app. 

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What is the Hinge Success Rate for Women?

Like men, the success rate for females on Hinge depends on their preferences and approach.  

The app’s focus on quality over quantity — with curated matches and personalized prompts — makes it easier for girls to find meaningful connections and lasting relationships. 

Where Can People Use Hinge

People can use Hinge on their mobile devices through the Hinge app, available for both iOS and Android. 

The app is free to download, and users can create an account with a few simple steps. 

Hinge is available in many countries worldwide, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and more. 

Users can also set their location preferences to find matches within a certain radius, and connect with people from different parts of the world.

The Queer/LGBTQIA+ Community on Hinge

While Hinge was primarily created for users just like its creator Justin McLeod — a straight, white, cis-gender male — perhaps somewhat surprisingly, a large number of its users identify as queer, or part of the LGBTQ+ community.

In fact, it’s so popular with the queer community, it’s even considered to be one of the best queer dating apps, alongside the likes of Grindr and Scruff.

Just as well, then, that Hinge has seen the need to cater to its user base.

While last year they launched their NFAQ guide (“Not-So-Frequently-Asked-Questions”), a resource designed to help the LGBTQIA+ community facilitate better communication with one another, and lead to more “meaningful connections”, this year they put out their first LGBTQIA+ Dating Report.

The main takeaway from the report? It’s all about communication.

With a whopping 57% of the LGBTQIA+ community saying that their biggest dating obstacle in 2022 was “lack of communication”, the report aims to address some of the biggest known communication issues, and how to tackle them.

Here were a few of the biggest dating trends for the queer community (you can download the full report from Hinge):

  • Conversation can help you get over your dating FOE (“Fear of Exploration”)

Bisexual users on Hinge were three times more likely to have never had a queer dating experience, when compared to other daters in the LGBTQIA+ community. However, Hinge found that in order to get over their FOE, transparent conversation was the key to moving forward — especially when 80% of LGBTQIA+ users were open and willing to being a user’s first queer dating experience!

  • Conflict is inevitable: embrace it to make better connections

While 79% of Hinge’s LGBTQIA+ users didn’t feel that “healthy conflict” was necessary in order to have a good relationship, the report revealed that moving past disagreements in conversations was a big part of navigating from the online world to IRL dates.

  • Setting expectations is a key move

The trans community on Hinge is setting the standard when it comes to making sure their expectations are laid out upfront. In fact, 71% of trans Hinge users indicated that they would have an “expectation check in 2023” — a clear conversation about what they were looking for, before progressing to that all-important first date.

While it may not be exactly what McLeod envisioned when he created the app, the fact that they’re addressing the needs of the queer community with free resources (something that queer users have identified is lacking for daters, generally) is a huge step forward!

Key Takeaways

While Hinge’s user base tends to have a higher proportion of male singles compared to female singles  — with around 64% of users being male — this doesn’t necessarily mean that men have a disadvantage when it comes to finding matches! 

Remember, the app’s algorithm prioritizes matching users based on shared interests and values, as well as your activity, so it’s important to make your profile stand out!

The level of success on the app varies from person to person, with some users receiving plenty of messages and responses, while others struggle to get anything.

Our best advice?

  • Make sure you’ve filled out all of your profile requirements

  • Don’t be too aggressive with your preference settings (keep an open mind!)

  • Keep it light, but be genuine in your responses

  • Choose your Prompts wisely

  • When you match with someone, message them immediately

  • Make sure your goals are clear and your communication is open, both on and off the internet

  • Upgrade your photo game!

Hinge is designed to work more like Instagram than a dating site, so if you don’t put any effort into your profile, you might be out of luck!

So, if you’re ready to cast aside your male/female ratio worries and get more dates: make the smart move, and get in touch with The Match Artist!

What Is the Male to Female Ratio on Hinge FAQs

What is the ratio on Hinge?

Research has shown that the ratio of Hinge users varies based on gender, with a higher proportion of male users compared to female users. 

According to recent statistics and surveys, the proportion of men is about twice that of women. 

Additionally, the ratio of singles to couples on Hinge is quite high, with the majority of users being single, seeking romantic relationships with each other.

How old are users on Hinge?

Hinge has a relatively young demographic, with around 49% of users between 18–29, with most of the remaining users between 30–49 years old. Only around 2% of Hinge users are over 50.

How can I find a match that has the same values as me?

Hinge allows users to sort based on preferences, so you can make sure you find someone that aligns with you. 

If there are certain points that are Dealbreakers for you, such as if you won’t date anyone who drinks alcoholic beverages, this isn’t a problem on Hinge, as you can set the Dealbreaker filter to weed out those who drink.

Do guys even get likes on Hinge?

According to the stats and analysis, it has been found that of the two sexes, females tend to get more Likes on Hinge than males. This fact is supported by data and interviews which show that, on average, females receive twice as many Likes as males. 

While there are many factors that can influence the proportion of Likes received by someone (for example, possession of certain traits, or having a particular job or idea), males seem to be at a disadvantage on the app. 

It’s important to note that this is not always the case, and there are certainly cases where males receive plenty of likes on the app. Unfortunately, the gender imbalance in Likes received is one of the common issues found on dating apps, and Hinge is no exception!

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