Online Dating Photos Salt Lake City Utah

Before getting pics taken by The Match Artist, I was getting 2-3 tinder matches a week. After getting new high value pictures from The Match Artist and tweaking my bio I was getting over 5 matches per day with really great girls. The results truly speak for themselves.
- Cameron T.


  • Better Dating Profile
  • Go on Better Dates
  • Improved Social Media Presence

- Ray C.

- Ryan K.

Every Photoshoot Includes

  • Facial expression & body language coaching.
  • 10-15 outfit changes.
  • 4-5 hour shoot demonstrating your lifestyle and hobbies.
  • 200-300 edited photos.
  • Advice on your best photos and Instagram optimization.
  • Help with apps and which premium features work well.
Before getting my pictures done with The Match Artist, I had been getting matches with women who are 5/10 off of Tinder. After getting my pictures done, I've been getting matches with women who are 10/10. This changes everything. I recommend this company if you are looking to get your pictures professionally taken.
- John G.

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Each session includes coaching on posing and facial expressions to help you look better in both photos and real life. You’ll receive a booklet with advice about how to use your photos online, how to open women online, and other tips for your adventures online.


Frequently Asked Questions

We get that this is kind of a new concept, but we're here to answer any questions you have along the way.

Should I hire an online dating photographer?

Photos are arguably the most important part of your dating profile. When you upgrade your photos, you upgrade your matches. If you want to meet even more amazing people in Salt Lake City, an online dating photographer can help.

What are the best photos for dating in Salt Lake City?

From our testing, people in Salt Lake City prefers photos that are authentic. This means no professional studio photos which have obviously been posed and edited. Instead, your photos should be taken outdoors in natural light, and they should focus on your charm, personality and confidence.

Why hire an online dating photographer?

Because every online dating app prioritizes photos. You could look like Brad Pitt in real life, but if your photos suck and people can't see that - then you're not going to be matching with many people. Most people don't have great photos. So we scrap together whatever old photos we can find, add in a few bathroom selfies and hope for the best. We know these awkward photos don't do us justice, but it's all we have. An online dating photographer will help showcase all your best features. They'll highlight your charisma, charm and confidence. The'll find all your best angles, help you look natural and deliver stunning photos that will stop people in their tracks.