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Understanding Hinge Bans: Duration, Causes, and Solutions

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If you find yourself banned from Hinge, don’t panic! You might be wondering what you did wrong, and if there is anything you can do about it. It sucks to be banned from one of the most popular dating sites around, but you have options that will let you keep using Hinge. 

In this article we’ll look at:

  • What Hinge is

  • Everything you need to know about Hinge bans

  • How long Hinge bans last for

  • How to overcome a Hinge ban

  • Whether or not you can create a new account once you’ve been banned

  • What you need to know to avoid a Hinge ban

  • Frequently asked questions.

Let’s dive right in!

What Is Hinge?

Hinge is one of the most popular dating apps around, and it’s growing in popularity every day. Owned by Match Group, Hinge is a competitor to Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid and can currently be used in 20 different countries around the world

Unlike other dating apps, Hinge’s main point of difference is that it’s marketed as “designed to be deleted”. In other words, it aims to help users find others looking for long-term relationships rather than hookups. 

Users are matched based on their preferences, mutual interests, and relationship “dealbreakers”. The idea is to facilitate deep conversations with like minded individuals that could help turn into lasting relationships.

The Hinge Ban: A Comprehensive Explanation

So, you’ve been banned from Hinge. You’re probably wondering what on earth happened! 

Hinge bans can be complex, and they happen for a variety of reasons. Read on to find out why Hinge bans occur.

What Is a Hinge Ban & Why Did You Get Banned?

A Hinge ban occurs when a user is deemed to have violated Hinge’s community guidelines or policies. Users are excluded from the app in order to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all kinds of Hinge users. 

Bans can occur due to something you said when messaging someone on the app, or from some details on your profile. In some cases the problems are found by the algorithm, and sometimes your account can be reported by another user. 

Reasons for Being Banned from Using the Hinge App

Hinge bans can occur for any activity that violates Hinge’s guidelines, but these are the most common reasons:

  • Disrespectful or offensive behavior

  • Scamming or spam behavior

  • Sharing inoffensive content (like unsolicited nudes)

  • Creating a fake profile.

What Happens When You’re Reported on Hinge?

When anyone is reported on Hinge, their case is sent to Hinge’s review team for consideration. The team investigates reports by evaluating the user’s behavior in the context of Hinge’s policies and guidelines. 

If the team concludes that there’s been a violation, they will issue an enforcement action, which could range from a warning to a permanent ban, depending on the severity of the infraction. 

How Long Do Hinge Bans Last?

So, once you’ve been banned from the app, is there a way to get back on the app, or should you be looking to set up a new account on a different app? We’ve got all the answers!

How Long Does Hinge Ban Last?

Similar to Tinder bans, a Hinge ban is permanent. This means you are permanently excluded from using Hinge, and also banned from making new accounts!

In the case that you think that your ban is unfair, you can message Hinge in order to appeal your ban. However, there’s no guarantee that this will get your account reinstated, and it’ll be on a case-by-case basis, only.

How Long Does a Hinge Shadowban Last?

Although Hinge doesn’t officially admit that they use shadow banning, it’s generally believed that they do. 

Of course, it’s hard to tell for sure if you’ve been shadow banned, but some indications you may have been could be any of the following signs:

  • You have a sudden drop in matches 

  • When your friends search for your profile, it’s unavailable or missing

  • No one replies to your messages.

It’s unclear how long shadowbans last, but based on user experience on a dating Reddit thread, it seems likely that shadowbans are also permanent, as with a regular ban. 

Overcoming a Hinge Ban

Navigating a Hinge ban is daunting, but there is a system to help you navigate the issue. Here are some of our top tips for overcoming your ban!

Can You Get Hinge Unbanned?

If you take no action after being banned, your account will stay banned permanently. 

If, however, you think the ban was made in error, you can lodge an appeal submission. It is possible to have your account reinstated if the customer support team at Hinge finds that the ban was made in error or hasty judgment. 

Serious infractions, however, that have included any violation or breach of Hinge guidelines, such as harassment or posting offensive content, are unlikely to be reversed. 

How to Appeal a Hinge Ban

If you think your ban was unfair or incorrect, you can appeal

To do this, when you try to log into your Hinge account, you’ll see a notification that your account has been removed, and a link to appeal your account ban. When you click on the link, it’ll take you to a prefilled form. Make sure you fill out all types of information it asks for. 

Once you’ve appealed, you should receive a confirmation email that your appeal has been received. If you don’t receive a confirmation, try sending Hinge an email that includes all the information that was in your appeal form. 

What Should I Include in My Ban Appeal on Hinge?

The form provided by Hinge lists all the things you need to include in your appeal. This includes:

  • Why you believe your account did not violate the Hinge Terms of Service


  • Your name (as it appeared on your Hinge Profile)

  • Your email address

  • The phone number you used to log into your Hinge profile.

It’s important to go into as much detail as possible about why you believe your ban was a mistake, and include as much evidence as you can.

Remember, an appeal does not guarantee that your account will be reinstated, and it’s entirely up to the discretion of the moderators and customer support team.

Can You Create a New Account After a Hinge Ban?

Technically, it is against Hinge’s rules to create a new account after being banned. In practice, though, you could create a new account, with a little sneaky know-how. Just don’t get caught!

How to Make a New Hinge Account After Being Banned

There are a few steps to successfully making a new account after being banned on Hinge. 

These include:

  1. Buy a new phone — preferably something cheap!

  1. Get a new phone number. Signing up for a cheap, prepaid plan is a good method. 

  1. Use different pictures! If you use any of the same pictures, Hinge’s algorithm can pick up that your previous account was banned.

  1. Change up your details. You want your name to be a bit different, your birthday, your job title — basically, avoid any key identifying details. 

  1. Sign up in a different location to avoid GPS or IP tracking — any place will do, even down the road at your local bar.

  1. Don’t automatically link your account to your social media accounts. This is the quickest way to get your account flagged!

If you’re setting up a new account, this is actually a great chance for you to make sure that your pictures are looking amazing. Not only will it prevent your account from being detected, having better profile pictures is the number one way to get more — and better — matches!

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Multiple Accounts on Hinge: Can You Make a New Hinge Account?

While technically having multiple accounts is against Hinge policy, yes, it is possible to make a new Hinge account and have multiple accounts. However, the same precautions above apply. 

If you want to have more than one account, you’ll need to ensure both accounts are registered from different devices, that they have different photos, different phone numbers, etc. to prevent detection.

Not only is it a lot of work, it also makes you come across as kind of sus — why do you need multiple accounts? What are you doing with your other accounts? What have you changed in your profile and settings?

Trust us — it’s better off just having one account at a time!

Can Using a VPN Help in Getting Unbanned from Hinge?

You can use a VPN, although it is not strictly necessary, as using the above method will work without using one. For an extra level of protection, however, you can use a VPN to change your IP address. 

You’ll only need to use the VPN for the first 40–60 days of using your new Hinge account. There are a few different online services that provide VPNs, although they all do come at a cost. 

Be aware that there is a school of thought that thinks that using a VPN will act as a red flag to Hinge that your profile is dodgy, but there’s no solid proof of this. 

Precautions to Avoid Hinge Bans

Once you’ve got your new account up and running, you’ll want to make sure nothing happens to get you banned again! Here’s our top tips.

How Can I Avoid Getting Banned from Hinge in the Future?

It sounds obvious, but the best way to avoid getting banned from Hinge is to avoid violating the terms of service. This means:

  • Be respectful

  • No inappropriate content

  • No spamming or scamming.

It’s also essential that your profile doesn’t get flagged as belonging to a previously banned person, so make sure you keep up the security measures advised above!

Does Hinge Track Your IP Address?

Hinge states in their privacy policy that they will collect your IP address data. This is partly why some people choose to use a VPN when creating a new Hinge account, as this changes your IP address.

Does a VPN Work for Hinge?

Yes, a VPN will work to change your IP address for Hinge. It’s not enough just to use a VPN, however — it needs to be combined with the other measures such as creating a new account, using a new device, and new pictures. 

Key Takeaways

A Hinge ban occurs when a user is found to have violated Hinge’s terms of service, usually due to inappropriate behavior or creating fake profiles. Bans are typically permanent, but they can be appealed if you think your ban is unfair. 

Hinge offers an appeals process so that you can outline why you think your account didn’t violate their terms of service. They consider every appeal on a case-by-case basis. 

Although technically against the rules, if your appeal fails, you can create a new account after being banned. If you choose this route, however, you’ll need to make sure you take precautions. This includes:

  • Using a new phone and phone number

  • Using different pictures

  • Signing up from a different location

  • Not linking your new account to any previously associated social media accounts, such as Instagram or Facebook. 

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To avoid future bans, be sure to adhere to Hinge’s terms of service by engaging in respectful behavior and not sharing inappropriate content or spamming. 

Additionally, measures such as using a VPN to change your IP address could offer an extra layer of protection, helping to increase your chances of success!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are all Hinge bans permanent?

Typically, yes, most Hinge bans are permanent. This means once a user has been banned, they are permanently excluded from using the app. 

However, if a user feels that they’ve been unfairly banned, they can appeal the decision to Hinge. Each appeal is reviewed by Hinge’s team and if they find that the ban was unjust, the user’s account may be reinstated.

What happens if your Hinge account is banned?

When a Hinge account is banned, you’ll no longer be able to access the app using your account. You will typically see a notification informing you that your account has been removed when you attempt to log in. 

Everything on your account, including matches and interactions will be inaccessible and you won’t be able to create a new account using the same phone number, email, or social media platforms associated with the banned account.

Can I make a new Hinge account after being banned?

Technically, creating a new account after being banned is against Hinge’s rules. However, some users have found ways around this, such as using new phones, new phone numbers, and different photos for the new account. 

This should be done carefully, however, to avoid being detected by Hinge’s algorithm which could risk a further ban.

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