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Hinge Profile Tips: To Win More Dates

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Have you been struggling to get many dates through Hinge or other dating apps, such as Tinder? You’re not alone — creating a standout dating app profile can be a bit of a challenge!

Well, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered with our top Hinge profile tips, from our brains to yours! 

Whether it’s choosing the right photos, or crafting a compelling bio, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make your Hinge profile stand out. 

In this article we’ll look at:

  • Why optimizing your profile is a good idea

  • What guys and girls look for in a Hinge profile

  • Our top 17 tips for winning more dates on Hinge

  • Frequently asked questions.

Let’s dive right in!

Why You Should Care About Optimizing Your Hinge Profile

Seven seconds is the amount of time it takes to make a first impression — even digitally! After that, it takes hundreds of impressions (an impression being every interaction you have with someone after the first) to significantly alter their initial perception of you.

As you can see, making the right impression on potential Matches is absolutely mandatory!

And you do that all through optimizing your profile.

Think of it as an opportunity to showcase your personality, interests, and preferences to potential partners. 

To put it into context, a well-crafted profile can significantly increase your chances of Matching with someone who shares your values and desires, as well as getting you results — ie, more dates! 

All you need are a few engaging photo prompts, high-quality images, and an authentic bio to increase your profile views and your chances of finding a meaningful connection on the app. 

Not sure where to start? Looking at other profile examples is a great way to get ideas for your own.

What Guys Look For in a Hinge Profile

Guys on Hinge often look for a combination of:

  • Attractive pics

  • Interesting hobbies and activities

  • A genuine and positive personality. 

They also appreciate clear and honest communication about dealbreakers and preferences. 

Avoid overly general statements — men prefer specific and clear information!

What Girls Look For in a Hinge Profile

Most girls on Hinge tend to look for:

  • A sense of humor

  • A genuine personality

  • Shared interests and values. 

A range of profile photos that show different aspects of the person’s life and personality are good to showcase. 

They also appreciate thoughtful and personalized responses to Hinge prompts.

1. Post an Attractive Recent Primary Photo

Your primary photo should be recent, attractive, and accurately represent you. According to a dating expert, your primary photo should show your full face, be smiling, and you should be making eye contact with the viewer.

Don’t forget to consider your background (free it of clutter), lighting (make sure it’s good!), and the quality of the picture (use a DSLR if you can and ditch the phone camera). 

Not sure you can handle all that? That’s okay — that’s why The Match Artist is here! Get in touch with us and we can help you transform your dating photos. 

Not sure what your hands or mouth should be doing in your shot? We go through extensive facial expression coaching and posing with you before shoot day, so that when you get in front of the camera, you know exactly what to do to get the best results.

2. Use Secondary Photos That Showcase Your Personality

Secondary photos should be used to show off your personality and interests, and give a potential Match a glimpse into your everyday life.

Maybe you’re part of a sports team, or you have an activity you particularly like doing — include a photo of it! Just make sure that it doesn’t end up looking like a stock photo you stole off Google!

Avoid using only selfies. Instead, opt for a mix of solo and group photos so that you can paint a fuller picture of yourself.

3. Avoid One-Word Answers When Conversing

Avoid responses that are only one or two words long when messaging with others. 

Instead, show that you are interested in actually getting to know them by asking open-ended questions, as well as sharing details about yourself.

Hinge is a big platform, designed for downloads to devices, rather than using through their site. Therefore you need to be sure you can hook someone’s attention quickly before they delete the app altogether!

4. Be Upfront & Honest About Who You Are

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to lie or omit the truth in your dating profile. 

This not only applies to your deal breakers, preferences, and your intent, but also your physical appearance.

After all, there’s a sense of blind trust that users put into online dating — don’t break that!

5. Create Unique Prompts

Create unique prompts to showcase your personality and stand out from other profiles. 

Avoid clichés and aim to create prompts that are interesting and thought-provoking. The key is to be just interesting enough to be able to start a conversation — after that, it’s best foot forward!

6. Answer Prompts in Ways That Will Intrigue Your Ideal Match

Answering prompts in unique and interesting ways can attract your ideal Match. 

This is an ideal opportunity for you to talk about what matters to you! Just be cautious with your topic choices — no politics, no religion, and no really out there opinions that could be controversial or offensive.

7. Be Funny

Don’t be afraid to inject humor into your Hinge profile and conversations! After all, who doesn’t love someone who can make them laugh? 

It’s backed up by research, too, which shows that profiles displaying a good sense of humor are generally rated as more attractive!

Just remember to keep it classy, tasteful, not too forced, and know that your sense of humor won’t always hit. Some people are going to love a good Dad Joke; for others it’s their kryptonite.

8. Follow Up With Your Matches

Following up with your Matches shows that you’re interested and serious about finding a connection. Once you’ve Matched, it’s then important to reach out and send them a message quickly before the connection cools! 

Not sure what to say? You could ask them about their day, share a funny meme, suggest a virtual date idea, or drop your best/worst one-liner.

9. Be Kind and Respectful

It’s important to be kind and respectful in your conversations, even if you’re not interested in pursuing a Match. 

Not only is it part of Hinge policy, there’s a real person on the other end of the app, with real thoughts and feelings. Pay them consideration and be kind.

10. Speak About Your Passions and Hobbies

Speaking about your passions and hobbies can help you connect with someone who shares similar interests. It also gives your Match an idea of what you like to do, which can be a great conversation starter, or give you ideas for potential date ideas.

Just remember this isn’t an opportunity to get up on your soapbox — it’s a conversation and goes both ways!

11. Don’t Use Selfies

While back in the day a selfie may have cut the mustard, especially covered in filters on Instagram, in the modern world of online dating they’re just a bit — well — cringe.

Instead, consider having a friend help take some flattering photos of you. Or, if you really want to up your game, why not hire a professional photographer to take it out of your hands and get you some amazing shots?

Don’t forget that how you present yourself through your clothes also matters! Women love a man who’s a little more dressed up, so put a little effort in!

12. Highlight Your Eyes

How many times have you heard someone say that an attractive guy has “nice eyes”? When they’re so often called the “windows to the soul”, you’ll want to make sure they stand out in your photos! 

Consider what colors will help make your eyes pop, and guys, please: don’t wear sunglasses!

13. Try to Look Straight Into the Lens

For at least your primary photo, look straight into the lens. It will make you appear confident and engaged, which are attractive attributes to potential relationships.

The facial expression coaching we do at The Match Artist varies from client to client, depending on what it is that you want to highlight and what suits your natural features.

For some guys, looking away from the lens can make them seem more mysterious and intriguing. For others, looking directly into the lens with a slight smile can make them seem cheeky, sexy, or mischievous.

The important thing is to know what the intention of your photos is, then practice your facial expressions in the mirror until you’ve nailed it!

Don’t worry if this all sounds like mumbo-jumbo — we’re pros at this! When you book with The Match Artist, we’ll take you through it all, one step at a time!

14. Don’t Be a Stereotype

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

Big ick!

Look, we know dating is hard, and we know that finding a great line is harder still, but who wants to be a stereotype? Not only is it a huge turn-off for a potential Match, it also tells the other person nothing about who you actually are.

Instead, focus on how you can bring your personality out and showcase who you are so that you stand out from the crowd.

15. Highlight the Fun Side of Your Personality

Dating is supposed to be fun, so make sure your profile reflects that! 

Not only that, but your Match wants to see that you’re a fun person who likes to get out and about into the world.

You can use Hinge prompts and your photos to highlight your sense of humor and fun-loving nature.

16. Show Off Your Physique

If you’re proud of your physique, show it off! 

Psychology studies have shown that both men and women are attracted to potential partners who are physically fit. 

Partially this harks back to our survival instincts. Not only are physically fit partners more likely to be able to protect you, they’re also likely to be more virile and better at child rearing.

So show off those muscles! Just make sure the photo is tasteful and not overly revealing — a picture with well-fitting clothing is preferable to a shirtless pic!

And, big tip: avoid the gym selfies!

17. Leave Thoughtful Comments on Your Matches Prompts

When engaging with your Matches, be sure to leave thoughtful comments on their prompts. 

It not only shows that you’re genuinely interested in getting to know them, it could also lead to more meaningful conversations, as well as better conversation starters.

18. Take Advantage of Video

Are you really using all of Hinge’s features to your best advantage? The video feature on Hinge is a great way to stand out, especially as they’re so underused!

Just make sure you’re following these golden rules:

  1. Make sure it’s high quality

There’s nothing worse than being forced to watch blurry, shaky, or degraded video footage! Phone cameras are pretty great these days — just make sure you’ve got steady hands, or else use a phone stand!

  1. Don’t ramble

Videos are only effective if you’ve got something worth showing off. If it’s just you speaking to the camera about not very much at all, maybe don’t upload it. 

Instead, think about what you can show off on camera — maybe you can do a backflip, or are a bit of a DIYer who rigged up a home bar. Whatever it is, make sure it’s interesting!

  1. Make eye contact

While your photos can afford to get a little bit more mysterious (looking off into the distance is a great photo angle!), on video it can just make you appear a little oddly shady. Get that eye contact in and reel your potential match in!

  1. Pay attention to your surroundings

Natural light is great for video (not too bright sunlight, though, or you’ll appear washed out, or squint into the camera) — you could even consider taking your shoot outside into nature. Additionally, make sure your background is clean and clear of clutter! Nobody wants to see your underwear hanging out to dry!

  1. Don’t forget to smile!

If you’ve got a nice smile, make sure you highlight it in your video! Your match will feel at ease, you’ll appear approachable and friendly, and, maybe, with a bit of work on the rest of your profile, you’ll even score a date out of it…!

19. Add Prompts to Your Photos

Did you know that you can also add Prompts to your photos?

Similar to regular Prompts, Photo Prompts allow you to pair your images with a Prompt, essentially creating a meme of yourself.

While this is a great way to get someone chuckling over your sense of humor, it’s an even better way to start a conversation. 

How about a photo of you hiking the summit of a mountain, paired with the Prompt, “Guess where this photo was taken?”

When used well, you can potentially get a few more Likes in your Likes You feed, and maybe even a comment or two, which could all lead to more dates…!

Key Takeaways

If you’re looking for more dates on the app, the best thing you could do for yourself is optimize your Hinge profile.

By using attractive photos, showcasing your personality, and creating unique and intriguing prompts, you can make a great first impression on potential Matches!

Let’s sum up:

  • Your photos are key

Be sure to use an attractive and recent photo to lead with, then secondary photos that show people who you really are — don’t forget the photo captions, either! These can go a long way to showing your sense of humor.

  • A little more conversation

Converse with your Matches promptly and thoroughly, and remember: it’s a conversation, not a monologue.

  • Be funny (and fun)

This doesn’t just have to be in your bio, but can also be in your prompts, or in how you answer your prompts.

  • Be a gentleman

Kindness and respect will get you everywhere in life, especially when trying to meet someone!

  • Share (but don’t overshare)

Talking about your passions and hobbies are a great way to find common ground with someone else… just don’t lecture!

  • It’s in your eyes

Look straight into the lens for at least one of your photos, and if you like your eyes, highlight them!

  • If you’ve got it, flaunt it

A good physique could get you a few more dates — just don’t go for the shirtless gym pic!

When it’s so easy to optimize your profile and get a few more dates (with a man or a woman!) as a result, why wouldn’t you?

And, if your amateur photos just aren’t making the cut, maybe it’s time to book a photoshoot with The Match Artist. We love what we do and we get our clients results. Why don’t you book and see for yourself!

What Does a Good Hinge Profile Look Like FAQs

Why do you need six photos on Hinge?

Hinge requires account holders to upload at least six photos or videos on their profile to provide other users with a better idea of who they are and what they enjoy. 

The reasoning is that Hinge believes that having six photos can help show different aspects of your life, including your hobbies, interests, and personality, which can increase your chances of making a connection with anyone who shares similar interests. 

Nothing is worse than scrolling endless profiles with no effort put into them, and the photo requirement on Hinge prevents this!

What should I write in my Hinge profile?

Hinge users have the option to answer a variety of questions, which can give others insight into their personality and interests. 

This can range from listing your favorite things, like hiking or hitting the beach, to going deeper and answering questions about fears and pleasures. 

The word count and space on the app is limited, so it’s important to choose answers that have an impact and reflect the heart of who you are. 

The app’s vibe is all about authenticity and being yourself, so users should answer questions truthfully and with as much insight as possible.

What should I bear in mind when messaging on Hinge?

In terms of Matching and messaging on Hinge, the app offers opportunities for users to connect with others who share similar interests and values. 

The app’s algorithm Matches users based on their answers to questions and their preferences, so it’s more likely that Matches will lead to something real. 

Messaging on the app is simple and straightforward, with the option to send openers or thanks to someone who has messaged you. 

There’s no need to put in a lot of effort or feel like you have to say something perfect — just be yourself and see where the conversation goes!

How can a girl make a good Hinge profile?

To create a good Hinge profile, women should consider including a variety of photos that show different aspects of their lives and personality. They should also make sure their written prompts and responses are specific, authentic, and engaging.

It’s also important to be clear about what you’re looking for in a relationship and what you’re not interested in. 

Lastly, don’t be afraid to showcase your sense of humor and unique qualities.

How can I improve my chances of finding a Match on Hinge?

One way to increase your chances of finding a Match is to fill out your profile with detail, including your interests, hobbies, and activities. This gives potential Matches a better idea of who you are and what you like. 

Additionally, using Hinge’s prompts can be a great way to spark conversation and show off your personality. 

You can also use the filters on the app to narrow down your Matches by various criteria such as location, age, education, family plans, and even lifestyle choices.

Can I use Hinge to meet people in a specific place or town?

Yes, you can adjust the distance settings on Hinge to show potential Matches in your area. This can be helpful if you’re looking to meet people in a particular town or spot.

How can I make my profile stand out on Hinge?

To make your profile more appealing, make sure to use high-quality photos that show off your appearance, activities, and personality. You can also include your likes and dislikes, hobbies, and character traits to give potential Matches a better idea of who you are. 

Make sure to use a clear and concise writing style in your profile and messages, and be sure to showcase your best attributes.

How can I tell if someone is a good Match for me on Hinge?

One way to determine if someone is a good Match for you is to look for common interests or activities. If they share similar likes or hobbies, that can be a great starting point for conversation!

You also need to pay attention to their vibe and truths they reveal about themselves in their profile and messages. Don’t be afraid to trust your gut instinct — if something feels off, it probably is!

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