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Dil Mil, the popular South Asian dating app for expats, can be great, but you need to know how to make the most of it! What does that mean? Well, it could be any number of things, from profile optimization to messaging techniques, all of which will help you stand out and attract more matches.

In this article we’ll cover:

  • Our top reasons why you might not be getting matches on Dil Mil

  • How exactly the algorithm on Dil Mil works

  • Whether or not Dil Mil is a location-based app

  • Our top seven tips to help you make more matches

  • Frequently asked questions.

Whether you’re new to online dating or experienced, with these insights and tips, we can help you find ways to enhance your Dil Mil experience. Let’s get started!

Why Am I Not Receiving Matches on Dil Mil?

If you’re struggling to receive matches on Dil Mil, there could be several factors at play. 

One reason might be your profile’s quality

Ensure that your bio effectively communicates your interests, hobbies, education, and personality traits, giving people an insight into who you are.

Dil Mil allows you to upload six photos to your profile, so make sure you include clear and attractive photos that highlight your best side, as first impressions are crucial in the world of online dating!

That means it’s time to ditch the selfies and gym photos, and start leveling up your profile pics. Not sure where to start? That’s where The Match Artist can help!

Our professional photographers know everything there is to know about taking amazing dating profile pics, meaning more matches for you! No matter how you want to present yourself to the world, just tell your photographer, and they’ll make sure every photo hits its mark.

Another aspect to consider is your account preferences, such as age range, religion, and location filters. 

While Dil Mil has all of these filters for a reason — after all, South Asian dating when looking for someone to take home to the family can be quite particular — by being too restrictive, you may be limiting your chances of finding a match. Broadening your search criteria in order to lead to more connections is a great method.

Lastly, review the way you present yourself that may be turning people off from engaging you in conversation. Include a few conversation starters in your profile that are thoughtful and engaging, as well as showcase your interests. This can make a lasting impression and improve your chances of making more matches.

One last thing to consider: if you really aren’t getting any matches, you could try upgrading to Dil Mil’s VIP Elite membership for access to premium features, such as SuperLikes, Requests, and advanced filters. These could help enhance your experience and boost your chances of success.

How the Dil Mil Algorithm Works

Though the company keeps some aspects of its algorithm under wraps (it’s proprietary!), there are several key elements that influence the way matches are presented to users.

One factor that plays a part in the algorithm is the information you provide in your profile. Details such as age, location, religion, education, and interests help the app suggest potential matches who share similar backgrounds, values, or preferences. 

That’s why something every Dil Mil user should do is ensure their profile is complete and accurate, as it’ll increase the likelihood of finding compatible matches.

The algorithm also considers user engagement, taking into account factors such as response times, conversation lengths, and the quality of messages exchanged. 

What’s the point in that? Well, by participating in genuine and meaningful conversations, you improve your chances of being suggested to other members.

Another element that affects the algorithm is your in-app activity, such as swipes, likes, and Super Likes. Dil Mil’s algorithm considers your choices and adjusts its recommendations accordingly, fine-tuning the suggestions based on your demonstrated preferences.

Lastly, upgrading to VIP Elite membership can also influence the algorithm by offering advanced filters and exclusive features that allow you to narrow down your search, further tailoring match suggestions to your preferences.

Is Dil Mil Location Based?

Dil Mil is indeed a location-based dating app (though you can’t restrict the distance, meaning you could match with someone on the other side of the country), designed to connect South Asian singles.

If you’re looking to expand your search to another country — perhaps if you’re moving overseas and hoping to find singles in the South Asian community there — Dil Mil offers the option to modify your location preferences. 

This feature can be particularly useful for men and women open to long-distance relationships, or seeking friends with shared interests in other parts of the world.

7 Useful Tips to Get More Matches

If you’re struggling to get matches on Dil Mil, try these helpful tips. Remember, the algorithm runs off the data that you provide, so more data will lead to more potential matches!

1. Fully Optimize Your Profile

Fully optimizing your profile is the best way to get more matches! Here’s how to do it:

1. Write a Catchy & Genuine Bio

Your bio is a crucial part of all dating profiles, as it provides insight into your personality and interests. 

To create a catchy and genuine bio, be concise and honest, highlighting unique aspects about yourself. Share your passions, ambitions, and hobbies, as these details can be conversation starters and help you stand out. 

Don’t forget to add a touch of humor or a memorable quote to make your bio more engaging!

2. Include Personal Details About Your Life

To make your profile more appealing, share information about your life and experiences. 

This may include your occupation, education, travel adventures, or even fun facts about your family or upbringing. 

By providing a glimpse into your world, you invite potential matches to feel a sense of connection and familiarity, increasing your chances of receiving more matches on Dil Mil.

2. Use Only Recent High-Quality Images

High-quality images are essential for showcasing your best side and making a strong first impression. 

Upload recent photos that highlight your personality traits, achievements, and even your sense of style. 

Dil Mil has certain photo guidelines you should be aware of, and every photo you upload is checked by their human moderation team before being approved. That means group photos, shirtless pics, photos of children, pets, or objects are out. 

However, you should still try to use your photos to convey aspects of your life and interests that are appealing to potential matches!

Sound like it might be out of your skill zone? Luckily, The Match Artist can help!

Our professional photographers will work with you over your personal four to five hour photoshoot, getting a range of images both indoors and outdoors, in different outfits, and in different natural lighting, aiming to finish around sunset.

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3. Include Authentic Things About Yourself

By sharing a lot of genuine details, you show others that you’re an open book and invite meaningful connections. 

Talk about your favorite hobbies, the city you call home, and the role your mom — or other family members — play in your life. Mention any health-conscious habits or unique experiences that have shaped you.

4. Connect Your Profile to Your Personal Instagram Account

Linking your Instagram account to your Dil Mil profile allows potential matches to see your posts and gain further insight into your life. 

This feature showcases your interests and hobbies, giving others a more comprehensive view of who you are. Then, if you’re both feeling each other, you can swipe right and get matched!

5.  Lean Into Quirky Details About Your Life

Embrace the unique aspects of your life and share them on your profile. 

Whether it’s a peculiar hobby, an unusual collection, or an uncommon talent, these details can spark curiosity and conversation, increasing your chances of forming connections and taking the next step with your matches.

6. Invest in Dil Mil’s VIP Elite

While you don’t have to upgrade to VIP Elite membership in order to get more matches, it’s undeniable that it offers numerous benefits. This includes access to advanced filters, Super Likes, the ability to review your past swipes, and more. 

These exclusive features can significantly improve your user experience and chances of finding love.

7. Turn On Notifications On Your Profile

Are you missing matches because you aren’t checking the app enough? Enable notifications on your phone to stay updated on new matches, messages, and Super Likes. 

By responding promptly to potential matches, you demonstrate interest and engagement, increasing the likelihood of forming meaningful connections.

Concluding Thoughts

Dil Mil is a great place to find love without leaving it up to your parents’ matchmaking ideas (yikes!), but finding success on Dil Mil requires a strategic approach! 

You need to ensure you’re utilizing the available features and taking advantage of the app’s unique aspects. From crafting an authentic bio that reflects your personality and interests, to making a decision on whether to upgrade to VIP Elite membership, each choice can impact your experience and chances of finding matches.

It’s essential to stay informed about dating advice, which can be found on blogs, websites, or even through chatting with friends who have experience in the world of online dating. 

Remember, Indian and South Asian dating apps like Dil Mil cater to specific communities, so understanding the cultural nuances and common issues faced by users can further enhance your chances of success.

Your name, profile picture, and other personal details form the basis of your online presence, so be mindful of how you present yourself. Engage in meaningful conversations, be open to new connections, and participate in chat rooms and web forums to expand your horizons. 

If you need help with your pictures (and let’s face it — who doesn’t?), get in touch with The Match Artist for professional photography! We’d be more than happy to help you take amazing images for your profile.

Finally, be patient and give yourself the chance to find a relationship or friendship that aligns with your values and preferences! 

Keep in mind that Dil Mil is just one of many apps and services available, so exploring other options and platforms may also provide valuable insights.

With persistence, a keen understanding of the app’s features, and a willingness to adapt your approach, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the world of Dil Mil and find the perfect match!

How to Get More Matches on Dil Mil FAQs

How do I Boost my Dil Mil Profile?

Dil Mil Boosts are a feature available to VIP Elite members, which pushes your profile to the top of the match queue for an hour. You can Boost your profile once per month for free.

To Boost your profile, simply:

  • Navigate to the home screen

  • Click the rocket icon in the bottom left-hand corner.

How many likes per day do you get on Dil Mil?

You get 10 likes per day with a free Dil Mil account. These refresh every 24 hours. If you find this isn’t enough for you, signing up for VIP Elite will get you unlimited likes. 

What are Elite Picks in Dil Mil?

Elite Picks are the top 12 profiles, as chosen by the app. It refreshes every 24 hours.

If you’re a free member, you’ll only be able to see a selection of these profiles, and won’t be able to interact with them. VIP Elite members, however, can see all 12 profiles and choose to swipe on them.

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