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Effective Bumble Conversation Starters

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It can be tricky starting any convo, let alone one on a dating app when you’re trying to meet the woman — or man — of your dreams! And, if you’re on Bumble, even if you don’t have First Move privileges, it’s no different.

But what exactly is that captivating first message that’ll grab people’s attention?

In this article we’ll cover:

  • Why exactly your first message is so important

  • Who can message first on Bumble

  • Ways girls can start the conversation off

  • Top tips for how to keep the conversation interesting

  • Tips for the best first move

  • Easy first messages you can test out

  • Examples of funny Bumble conversation starters

  • Examples of cute Bumble conversation starters

  • The kinds of openers that guys tend to like

  • The kinds of openers that girls tend to like

  • Examples of flirty Bumble conversation starters

  • Examples of witty Bumble conversation starters

  • Frequently asked questions.

Let’s get right into it so that you can test out some of these ideas!

Why Your First Message on Bumble Is Important

The same as with any relationship, how you present yourself at the start sets the tone for the conversation and following interactions, as well as determines whether or not you’re someone spellbinding enough to continue conversing with.

According to psychological research, it takes only a tenth of a second for someone to make a decision about you — and that’s just based on how you look (and a great reason to make sure that you use this opportunity to make sure that your profile photos are amazing).

But once you’ve got over that initial hurdle, you’ll need to follow up by proving that the gamble on you was worth it! 

In other words, you’ll now have to put the real work in to get your potential match interested, show that you are interested, and that you’re as exciting, insightful, honest, alluring, and bewitching as you suggested you might be in your bio!

And when we say “first message”, it’s not just the message you send if you have First Move privileges, but also the message you send once you’ve received an initial message!

After all, it takes two to tango, and once that first message is a go, it’s anyone’s game!

Who Texts First on Bumble?

On Bumble, if you’re a woman, then you’ll have First Move privileges. That’s how the app was set up, in order to encourage women to take the initiative, as well as empower them.

It’s a refreshing approach, especially when compared with other dating apps. In fact, one of the biggest complaints women have on dating apps is all to do with the normalization of abusive behavior, such as harassment and being sent unsolicited inappropriate pictures.

Take note guys! Women don’t like it when men do this sort of thing!

So, Bumble’s first message policy helps to promote a more balanced dynamic between users, and means that the way conversation topics begin and progress can be more acceptable to both parties.

In non-heterosexual matches, both parties have First Move privileges, as with non-binary users.

How Do Girls Start Conversations on Bumble?

If you’re a girl on the app and a bit on the shy side, it can be a little intimidating to make the first move. Luckily, you have 24 hours to send that first message, so if you need a bit of time to figure out what you want to say, you do have it.

Having said that, we’d advise not waiting for too long! After all, there’s likely a bit of an anxious guy on the other end, waiting for you to contact them, so be mindful and kind!

Here are some of our top tips for how to start that conversation:

  1. Look through the other person’s profile in order to find a personalized opener

Maybe they just read a book you love, or perhaps there’s a song they’ve just listened to on Spotify. This is all a great place to start, and it’s not just a generic “hey” or cheesy pick-up line (though there is a time and a place for a cheesy pick-up line!).

  1. Start with a light-hearted or intriguing question

Asking the other person a question is another great way to start the conversation off. After all, there’s nothing people like better than talking about themselves!

  1. Pay them a compliment, or comment on your shared interests

Girls, if there’s one thing you should know about a guy, it’s that a guaranteed way to make them feel good about themselves is to pay them a compliment! Yes, we know, it’s a bit basic, but it’s also that easy! Maybe start with a compliment, then segue into shared interests to keep the ball rolling.

  1. Use humor to break the ice

If you can make somebody laugh, that’s a great way to start a conversation! Not only can you show off your sense of humor and set the tone for the conversation, you can also show your match that you’re fun and not taking things too seriously — not yet, anyway!

Remember, the key to a great first message is to keep it short and invite the other person to want to respond. It shouldn’t be an information dump about your life, but instead a way to get the conversation rolling! 

Keep the focus on the other person and you’ll be off to a great start!

How Do I Keep My Bumble Chats Interesting?

We’ve all been there — things seem like they’re going well, and then suddenly the conversation halts.

Well, firstly — don’t panic! With messaging, a natural break in the conversation sometimes comes, and not everyone is conversing in real time, anyway. 

If you find that things are getting a bit stagnant on one topic or another, try to keep the conversation flowing by asking the other person engaging questions. For example, you could ask them about where they grew up, or how long they’ve lived in their city.

Don’t be afraid to go back to basic questions!

By asking the other person about themselves, they’ll have plenty to talk about, which can then help you find common ground and shared interests. And don’t forget about non-verbal fun touches, such as GIFs, emojis, and memes. Sometimes, the perfect meme can hit just right.

The key to genuine connection is to be honest and down-to-earth, so don’t be afraid to get a little personal with it — you never know, your experience could bring you closer together!

Research has found that bonding between humans actually releases dopamine in the brain, which is why forming close connections feels so good

All the more reason to get out there and make those connections!

What Is the Best First Move on Bumble?

The best first move on Bumble is always going to be a personalized opener, showing your genuine interest in the other person. Use the information that they’ve given you in their profile to ask engaging questions which promote conversation.

This is also something to think about when you’re crafting your own profile — give the other person a helping hand and plant conversation starters in you bio, prompts, and photos!

While pick-up lines have their place, generic and overused ones do not. If you are going to go down this route, then make sure it’s obvious that you’re joking! Nothing will make someone cringe and unmatch faster than a bad pick-up line, delivered poorly.

And please, ditch the first message solo “Hey”! We know you can do better than that!

Easy First Messages You Can Try on Bumble

Not every first message needs to be as tricky to craft as the first line of a novel! It’s okay to take it a little easy on yourself and your expectations. After all, you’re just trying to get to know the other person, not immediately walk them down the aisle!

If you’re still feeling a little stuck on how to send that first message, here are some of our top tips!

Mention Something You Liked from Their Profile

Don’t be afraid to get specific and comment on something from their profile. After all, that’s why it’s there! So show off those close-reading skills and really get into it.

Take Advantage of the Bumble Question Game

Did you know that Bumble has a built-in prompter that you can access when you’re in a chat? Known as the Question Game, you can find it on the right-hand side of your chat screen.

Once the Question Game has started, you can look through a series of prompt-style questions and select one. Both you and your match will have to respond before the answers are displayed.

If you’re feeling stuck for conversation, then this is a great way to learn a little bit more about one another!

Discover What Things You Have in Common and Lean Into Them

Remember what we said about genuine connection? Try asking your match about their favorite hobbies, movies, or music, and see if you’re a match in terms of taste!

Showcase Your Sense of Humor

There’s plenty of ways to show off your sense of humor, and it doesn’t always have to be an actual joke.

Maybe it’s something witty about something you saw on their profile (remember, there’s a fine line between playful teasing and mocking, or negging), or a great, funny fact that’s relevant to them.

Just remember to put the other person at the forefront!

Ask Your Match About Their Passions

It’s an easy way to get to know someone and give them space to talk about themselves — something we’re all able to do!

Maybe they’re really into live gigs, travel, hiking, or animals. Ask them about the things that are important to them and see what you have in common!

Give Your Match a Genuine Compliment

Everyone loves to be complimented — just make sure that it’s respectful and not sleazy! 

Don’t forget, a compliment should be followed up by a question. After all, you’re trying to start a conversation here, not just empty platitudes!

Send an Audio Note

Sending an audio note can be a great way to communicate with someone. Not only do they get to hear your voice, which puts together a fuller picture of who you are (matching a voice to a great photo can be pretty alluring!), sending an audio note is a no-fuss way of proving to your potential match that you’re a real person.

In the world of online dating it can sometimes be a risk putting yourself out there. But using audio notes can help build trust that you’re a) who you say you are, and b) not afraid to reveal your true self to another person.

The only other thing we’d recommend? Making sure that your profile pictures are so bewitching, your potential match will be dying to get to know you better!

Need help upgrading your photos? That’s where The Match Artist can step in

With a tailored four to five hour photoshoot, our talented professional photographers will be able to capture you in every possible light, scenario, and outfit you need to impress. Then, it’s just a case of uploading them to your profile, and watching the likes come pouring in!

Schedule a Video Chat to Get to Know Each Other Better

Another way to prove that you are who you say you are, build trust, and get to know your match better, is to schedule a video chat!

Luckily, gone are the days of needing to hand out your phone number to strangers in order to voice or video chat. Within Bumble you can actually do both, which helps to protect your privacy and keep you safe until you’re ready to move things off the app!

Maybe you’re not much of a message person — an invitation to video chat, right off the bat, could be a great way to jump right in and get vulnerable! 

And, if you need a bit of help, there’s another game you can play on video chats called Night In. In it, you and your match will work together to play a trivia game over three rounds of five questions each. A good way to break the ice!

Send Your Match a Cute Picture

And no, we don’t mean that kind of picture!

Maybe it’s a nice candid photo of yourself, or of your pet (dog photos always appreciated!) — either way, it’s another good way to show that you’re a real and genuine person, as well as break the ice.

Just make sure you include something in there for the other person to respond to, such as an engaging question!

Break the Ice With a Fun Icebreaker Question

It’s okay to get a little irreverent with your first message, especially with icebreakers! 

It sets the tone for a fun and not-t00-serious conversation to start off, which can then lead naturally into more meaningful interactions as you continue.

Ask a Meaningful Question

Of course, the flip side of irreverence is to go deep! 

Going deep and meaningful on the first question is a bit of a bold move, but if it’s thought provoking, the other person may appreciate the effort.

Send a GIF

And, of course, when all else fails, a funny GIF, emoji, or meme is always an option! Especially if it’s particularly relevant to something the other person has alluded to on their profile!

Funny Bumble Conversation Starters

So, how about some examples of funny conversation starters? Now, just remember, while some of these are a tad on the cheesy side, it’s all about not taking things too seriously. 

So, be sure to make it clear to your match that you’re kidding — throw in a few emojis or GIFs, and see where the conversation leads!

“Can I have your profile picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?”

This one’s a pretty good line to use, especially closer to Christmas. Or, if it’s very far from Christmas, you could also tailor it slightly to show off how organized you are!

“Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

The great thing about this pick-up line is that it’s so obviously cheesy and overdone, that there’s simply no way anybody could think you were being too serious if you used it! Add a few emojis and it’s a winner.

“Excuse me, but I think you dropped something: my jaw.”

In the same vein as the map line, this is another so-dumb-it’s-funny opener. But there is potential for this one to slide into sleaze town, so make it obvious that you’re joking.

“Do you have sunburn, or are you always this hot?”

The great thing about this line? If they do have sunburn, you can offer to send them some after-sun or aloe vera lotion! 

Caring and funny? Winning combination!

“If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cute-cumber.”

Especially apt if your match is vegetarian, particularly when combined with a great GIF or meme.

“Can I follow you home? Because my parents always told me to follow my dreams.”

This line is the perfect example of when cheesy lines can cross over into the realm of ridiculous humor. After all, if you’re looking for a reaction, this is going to get one!

“I must be a snowflake, because I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up.”

Another good line to send in the winter months, though you may want to check your match’s political leanings before you call yourself a snowflake…!

Cute Bumble Conversation Starters

Of course, while funny lines are a good way to start off a conversation, even better are genuine messages that can lead to real talk.

Here are a couple of examples.

“Your profile is making me smile. Want to grab a drink and see if we can make each other laugh in person?”

Feel free to tailor this a little. What exactly was it that made you smile? Get specific and then follow up with your invitation to hang out in person.

“Hey, I saw we both love dogs. Do you have any furry friends of your own?”

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: everybody loves dogs!

If animals are going to be what brings you together, then you’ll have plenty to talk about!

What Openers Do Guys Like on Bumble

When it comes to the kinds of openers that could be effective for guys, keep it short and simple. Start with a compliment, but make sure it feels genuine and specific — use something from their profile that you really do like!

A follow-up question, again, showing a genuine interest in their life is a great way to get a response, and witty or funny openers that make them laugh is a great approach, too.

Here are some of our best examples!

“Hey, I noticed we both love [insert common interest]. Want to chat about it over drinks sometime?”

This is a great example of a first message to send. You’re tailoring it to the person by talking about something you love, pointing out a common interest, and then getting straight to the point by floating an IRL date.

When it comes to guys, the direct approach is often the best, and this is assertive without being bossy!

“I saw on your profile that you’ve traveled to [insert destination]. What was your favorite part of the trip?”

For all the travel fans, this is another great opener. It shows that you’ve taken the time to look through their profile, identified a common interest, and you’ve followed up with a question.

And (take note!) this kind of question is heaps better than recommendation-related questions — at least for the first message! 

Asking for recommendations works better when you’ve already established a rapport, as it can help to strengthen existing bonds. But when you don’t know each other yet, it can feel a little lazy, and doesn’t necessarily leave much room for the conversation to move forward.

“You have a really interesting job! What inspired you to pursue that career?”

This opener does a couple of things. 

Firstly, it gives the other person a compliment (and feel free to get even more specific) — they have an interesting job, ie, they chose an interesting job and therefore they are interesting. 

Secondly, it follows up with a question that encourages them to talk about themselves.

A word of warning: be careful not to get too stuck in the “what do you do” spiral! After all, a person is much more than their job!

“I’ve gotta say, your profile picture is amazing. Where was it taken?”

This is a good, simple, and effective conversation starter — compliment, followed by a question, and it’s short and to the point.

“I saw that you’re a fan of [insert favorite TV show or movie]. Have you seen the latest episode?”

This opener follows a great rule with online dating — if you have a common interest, lean into it! Even better if the TV show isn’t mainstream.

“I couldn’t help but notice your smile in your profile picture. What’s the story behind it?”

Another example of a compliment, followed by a question. 

You could also go a little more specific with this one — what’s the story behind the photo? Where was it taken?

Don’t be afraid to get specific!

“Hey, I’m [insert name]. Want to share a fun fact about yourself to break the ice?”

If you’re a bit shy, then this is an effective conversation starter that puts the ball in the other person’s court. You could also frame this as the two truths and a lie game, to make it a little more fun.

“You seem like someone who knows a good spot for brunch. What’s your go-to place?”

Foodies, this one’s for you! If you have a shared interest in food, nothing will get the conversation going faster than sharing recommendations!

Just remember that at this stage in the conversation you’ll want to protect your privacy a little and make sure that you’re staying safe, so don’t give away too much personal information!

“I noticed you’re into fitness. Do you have any workout tips to share?”

This is a great opener for the gym bunnies, or those wanting to start their fitness journey.

Just be mindful that you’re looking for a date, not a new fitness trainer!

“You have a really cute dog in your profile picture. What’s his/her name?”

And, of course — the way to everyone’s heart — their dog!

Everyone loves dogs, and if his furry best pal is the apple of his eye, getting him waxing lyrical about them is a guaranteed way in. After all, the dog has to like you, too!

What Openers Do Girls Like on Bumble

For girls, the techniques we’ve discussed aren’t all that different! Just remember that on Bumble, if you’re a guy looking for a heterosexual match, you won’t be able to send that first message.

However, that doesn’t mean that the first message you do send in return shouldn’t be just as well thought out.

Here are some of our best suggestions!

“Hey, I love your profile! What inspired you to pursue [insert common interest]?”

Again, this opener works for the same reasons that the previous career job worked. 

You’re offering a compliment — you loved their profile — and then following up with a question, which shows that you took the time to read their profile. Not only that, but you’ve identified a common interest, which you could bond over!

“I noticed we both love [insert favorite music genre]. Who’s your favorite artist/band?”

While this opener isn’t particularly specific, you can tailor it to make it fit the person you’re messaging more.. Ie, instead of a musical genre, maybe it’s a particular band or artist.

However, if music is a big part of your life and you’re looking for someone who shares that passion, then this is a great message to start off with!

“I saw on your profile that you’re a foodie. What’s your favorite type of cuisine?”

This message works for the same reasons the previous brunch one did, too. You’ve looked at their profile, read the information, and are asking a follow-up question.

The only thing that could make this opener better? Throw in a compliment!

“Your profile picture is stunning! What’s the story behind it?”

Remember, it’s okay for the first message to be short and to the point! In fact, it’s better if it is.

“Hey, I’m [insert name]. Want to share a fun fact about yourself to break the ice?”

Just as this question works for shy girls, it also works for shy guys! You may just need to tailor it slightly, as you won’t be able to send the first message (unless their first message is, “Hey”).

“You seem like a well-traveled person. What’s your favorite destination you’ve been to?”

If you’re a fan of travel and they are too, it’s a great common interest to tap into. Just be sure that this doesn’t become small talk about travel only, and use it as a jumping off point!

“I noticed you’re into fitness. What’s your go-to workout routine?”

If you’re a gym fan, this is another fitness question that you can tailor for the person you’re talking to. Just remember not to turn it into unsolicited advice!

“You have a really cute dog in your profile picture. What’s his/her name?”

All we’re going to say about this again is: everyone loves dogs!

“Hey, I noticed we both love [insert favorite hobby]. Want to share your favorite thing about it?”

This opener shows that you’ve read through their profile, identified a common interest, and then followed up with a question. Of course, you can also tailor this question a little more to the person you’re chatting to, but it’s a good, basic question to start with!

“Your profile is really interesting! Want to grab a drink and chat about it sometime?”

And finally, another great conversation starter accompanied by a direct question and invitation to hang out IRL. 

There’s a lot to be said for just diving in and asking someone out on a date early on, especially if you’re not much of a messaging guy. 

Just be aware that not everyone will be comfortable meeting IRL so quickly, so you could always turn it into a video chat date to begin with, and build some trust.

Flirty Bumble Conversation Starters

When it comes to flirty conversation starters, there’s a fine line between flirty and sleazy. 

Be sure that you’re following the vibe of the other person — has their profile indicated that they might be up for a fun and flirty conversation? If not, stick to the more basic getting-to-know-you questions!

But if they look like they might appreciate the humor and bit of flirtiness, then dive in!

“You’re not a photographer, but you definitely know how to make me smile in your profile picture.”

Ba-dum-tish! It’s a compliment, it’s a little flirty, and it’s fun. Just be sure to follow up with a specific and tailored question for your match!

“I think your profile is missing something… my phone number. Want to fix that?”

In the wrong circumstances, this cheese-tastic pick-up line could get you an eye roll at best, or even a block and report. 

But, if it seems like your match is going to see the humor in it, may as well dive right in!

“I couldn’t help but notice that we’re a match made in heaven. Want to chat and find out for sure?”

Flirty and a touch of humor, followed up by a question. A great opener!

“You’re as cute as a puppy in a bow tie. Want to grab a drink and see if we have any chemistry?”

As we’ve already said, starting with a compliment is a great way to go — and you’ve managed to mention puppies! The follow up question is a great shift towards your intentions — wanting an IRL date — and it allows a bit of room for error, too.

“I’ve gotta say, you have great taste in [insert favorite hobby]. Want to share some tips with me over dinner?”

If you’ve got something in common, grab hold! And, while it is a compliment, you’re also subversively introducing the idea that you too have great taste. Finally, the invitation to both dinner and to share their insider knowledge with you seals the deal.

“I think we’re both tired of swiping right and left. Want to break the cycle and go on a real date?”

This is a fantastic opener — it calls attention to your immediate situation and directly asks your match for an IRL date. Honest, genuine, a little flirty, and to the point.

“You seem like someone who knows how to have fun. Want to go on an adventure together?”

Just as the compliment about having great taste in hobbies drew attention to the fact that you also had great taste, this opener introduces the idea that you a) know how to have fun, too, and b) would like to share the experience.

Even using the word “adventure” is a great flirty line to use — it suggests mystery, intrigue, and maybe even a prize at the end!

“I’m not a genie, but I can make your wishes come true. What’s on your bucket list?”

This as an opener is both flirty and has the potential to get a little deep and meaningful. Bucket list stuff can get quite intense, especially if you’re both willing to be open and honest, but that’ll only help grow your bond.

“Your profile picture is amazing, but I bet you’re even better in person. Want to find out?”

Hitting them with a double compliment, a challenge, and an invitation? It’s a doozy of a first message!

“I have a feeling you’re going to be my lucky charm. Want to grab a drink and test my theory?”

And, last on our list, a great opener that’s flirty, a compliment, and follows up with a question that invites the other person to meet IRL. This one would be especially good in the lead up to St Patrick’s Day!

Witty Bumble Conversation Starters

A truly witty conversation starter can be a great way to break the ice. But what sorts of things are we talking about here?

Well, it could be a playful pun or wordplay, a joke that’s related to their profile or interests, or even clever questions that prompt the other person to think about their response.

Remember, not all messages are going to be sent in real time, so it’s good to leave things a little open ended and match the energy of the other person you’re talking to.

“I don’t normally reach out to girls first on dating apps, but I just had to say hi to you. Don’t tell the other girls, okay?”

This opener is funny, flirty, and pokes a little fun at yourself — all pretty good things for a first message! Just be sure you have something else to follow it up with, and you may need to tailor it slightly, depending on the first message you may have already received.

“I was going to say something witty, but I think you already stole my heart with your profile picture.”

There’s something cute about an earnest pick-up line, so if you’re not sure what your match’s vibe is going to be like, this is a good first message to test the waters with!

“You know what they say about girls who like [insert favorite hobby]? They’re the coolest, and I think you’re no exception.”

This opening line has a little bit of wit, a compliment, and it shows that you’ve paid attention to their profile. Remember, a compliment will go a long way! Just keep it classy.

“I have a confession to make. I’ve been swiping right all day, but you’re the only one who caught my eye.”

If you can make your match laugh, you’re halfway to a good connection! Just remember to match their energy and go along with the topics they bring up.

“I don’t know about you, but I think we would make a great team. Want to grab a drink and find out?”

As with the other best first messages on our list, this one is a compliment, offers a little something about yourself, and includes an invitation to an IRL date. It’s a winning formula! 

“I have to say, your profile is like a breath of fresh air on this app. Want to chat and see if we can keep it going?”

It’s totally okay to go with a conversation starter that’s open and honest. In fact, being honest about where you are and what you’re looking for is a very good place to be!

“I’m a sucker for a girl with a great smile, and yours is making me smile back.”

This first message offers up a compliment, which is bound to get a reply from the object of your affections! The only thing that would make it better is if you threw in a question at the end, to give her something to feed off.

“Want to go out and make each other laugh?”

Short, direct, and to the point — it’s a winner!

“You seem like a smart and witty person. Want to share your favorite joke with me?”

If you’re looking for a conversation starter that can set a lighter tone to your interaction, this is a great one to lead with. Just be sure to have your best joke in your back pocket for when they ask you!

“I have a feeling we’re both looking for something special on this app. Want to grab a drink and see if we can find it together?”

A little flirty, a little tongue in cheek, and finished off with an invitation to go on a date. If you really want to go for the trifecta, throw in a genuine compliment!

“I have to say, I’m impressed by your profile. You seem like a cool, down-to-earth person. Want to grab a drink and prove me right?”

And last on our list, this conversation starter hits all the boxes. 

It’s short, to the point, shows that you’ve paid attention to their profile, gives them a compliment, and then invites them out, with a final kicker that’s bound to get a smile out of them!

Key Takeaways 

Your first message to your match on Bumble shouldn’t be a throw away — first impressions matter! Make it count by making it both personal and engaging.

Once the conversation is under way, you can keep things going by asking the other person questions about themselves, and really digging into your shared interests. Humans crave connection, so the more that you can find in common with each other, the better!

Just remember to be genuine, open, and honest, and have fun messaging! It shouldn’t feel like a chore!

Haven’t made it to the first message point? Maybe it’s time to give your profile an overhaul, especially your profile pictures! And if you aren’t sure where to start, that’s where The Match Artist can step in!

Get in touch with us today and one of our professional photographers will work with you to take the best photos of yourself you’ve ever seen! After that, all you’ll have to do is upload them to your Bumble profile, and watch the likes come pouring in!

Pretty soon, it won’t just be a case of which first message to send, but who you want to send it to!

Bumble Conversation Starters FAQs

What can I text my match instead of “hey”?

“Hey” is one of the worst first messages you can send on a dating app! It says nothing about you, shows no creativity or effort, and forces the other person to do all the work. 

Instead, why not mention a shared interest or hobby (which you’ll know because you’ve read their profile carefully!), or ask about a recent trip or experience they mentioned in their bio?

If you’re still at a loss, try using a fun or thought-provoking icebreaker question. The “two truths and a lie” game is always a good one to fall back on! 

Whatever your first message is, make sure it’s relevant and specific to the person you’re talking to, gives them an opportunity to respond. After all, it’s not called a conversation starter for nothing!

What do you say after “hi” on Bumble?

If you’re struggling to figure out what to say after you’ve introduced yourself on Bumble, try some of the following:

  • Ask the other person an open-ended question about their interests (ie, not a question that only needs a yes or no answer)

  • Show them that you’ve paid attention to their profile by sharing a personal anecdote related to something they wrote on their bio, or offering up a genuine compliment

  • Suggest a fun game or challenge.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, don’t forget Bumble has some built-in features, like the Question Game, designed to break the ice!

What is the best first reply on Bumble?

If you’re the recipient of a first message, then the best first reply is going to be one that engages with what’s already been said! Be sure to follow the lead of the person who initiated the conversation and respond with enthusiasm and genuine interest. Make sure you answer their question, first, then ask a follow-up question which is related to the topic. 

While it’s a good idea to keep the conversation light and engaging to begin with — which you can do with humor, fun facts, memes, GIFs, and emojis — if the conversation heads in that direction, don’t shy away from sharing something about yourself, as long as it relates to their message.

Honesty and openness is a great way to get to know someone better and form a close bond, so when you eventually ask them out on a date, they’re bound to say yes!

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