What You Should 100 Not Do On Tinder 16 Tips

Let’s be real — not all of us are pros at this online dating thing. In fact, some of us might be doing more harm than good without even realizing it!

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 16 tips on what you should absolutely not do on Tinder.

If you're new to Tinder or looking to improve your experience, learning how to use Tinder effectively is a great first step. Understanding the app’s features and best practices can help you make the most of your matches and avoid common pitfalls.

In this article we’ll cover:

  • Our 16 things not to do on Tinder
  • Our top tips for what you should be putting your effort into
  • Frequently asked questions.

So, buckle up and get ready to learn which rules to follow to avoid the most common mistakes!

1. Don’t Ghost Your Matches

You’ve matched with someone on Tinder — congrats!

But now you’re noticing one or two red flags, and you’re not so sure that you want to pursue either a conversation or date with your match.

While that’s all well and good, and definitely something that can happen, be sure to be upfront and honest, rather than ghosting!

Ghosting, while it may seem easier, is never the answer. Remember, online dating is all about treating others how you want to be treated. So, if you’re not feeling a connection, be kind and let them know.

To keep the conversation flowing, knowing what to say right from the start can make a big difference. Check out these tips for the best first text on Tinder to ensure you start off on the right foot and engage your match effectively.

2. Don’t Include Other Social Media Handles in Your Profile

We get it, you want to show off your Instagram feed or your TikTok dances. But including links to your other social media content in Tinder profiles is a big no-no.

Not only can it be seen as a desperate attempt at self-advertisement, it can also make you come across as less genuine.

Plus, it’s a safety concern!

You never know who’s on the other end of that match, so keep your personal information private until you’ve established a real connection.

3. Don’t Use Horrible Grammar

Look, we’re not asking you to be a grammar whiz, but using horrible grammar on Tinder is a major turnoff. One study even found that bad grammar negatively affected your perceived attractiveness!

Take the time to proofread your messages, and make sure your spelling and grammar are on point.

Trust us, it’ll make a difference!

4. Don’t Lie About Your Age or Appearance

While you may be tempted to shave off a few years or Facetune those photos, lying about your age or appearance is not cool.

After all, if you make a match and it all goes well, they’ll find out you lied eventually! And nothing is worse than starting a date off with disappointment!

Be honest about who you are and let your personality shine through. Remember, being genuine and authentic will get you much better results, every time.

5. Don’t Be Rude or Disrespectful to Your Matches

Being rude or disrespectful to others is not only poor behavior, it could also get you shadowbanned on Tinder!

It’s important to remember that there’s a real man or woman on the other end of that chat. Don’t be rude or disrespectful to your matches, no matter how bored or uninterested you might be — it’s just bad Tinder etiquette.

Treat others the way you’d like to be treated and you’ll be more likely to get a positive response.

6. Don’t Use Tinder Just to Make Friends

Listen, we get it, making friends as an adult can be tough. But let’s face it: Tinder isn’t the place to do it. After all, it’s a dating app, not a friendship app.

Sure, some people might be open to making friends, and you may find friendship if you miss a love connection with a potential match, but most users are there to find romantic partners.

So, save yourself some time and Swipe Left on the idea of using Tinder to make friends!

It's important to understand the primary purpose of Tinder and respect the community's expectations. Familiarizing yourself with the unwritten rules of Tinder can help you navigate the app more effectively and increase your chances of finding a romantic connection.

7. Don’t Use Tinder to Find a Long-Term Relationship

And while we’re on the subject, while we’re not saying that you can’t find love on Tinder (and plenty of men and women have gotten married after meeting on the app), it’s generally not designed for those looking for a long-term relationship.

Keep in mind that most people on Tinder are there to have fun, make connections, or — let’s face it — have casual sex.

Keep it casual and chill, and see what comes your way — yes, you may meet someone who’s in it for the long haul, but you may also not! And both are fine.

8. Don’t Send Unsolicited Nudes

Look, guys, we’re just going to say it: no girl in the world wants to see your unsolicited nudes. It’s inappropriate, disrespectful, and could even get you banned from the app.

Remember, just because you matched with someone doesn’t mean they want to see your eggplant emoji. Always ask for consent before sending any explicit photos or messages!

9. Don’t Add People You Know IRL

While it can be tempting to add people you know in real life on Tinder, it’s usually not a good idea. It can create awkward situations, especially if the other person doesn’t Swipe Right back on you.

Instead, keep your Tinder matches separate from your real-life connections, and if you’re really interested in them, try asking them out IRL! You never know, you may have more success off the app.

10. Be Wary of Anyone Who Only Has One Picture on Tinder

Only one photo? Red flag!

If someone only has one picture on their Tinder account, it’s worth being a little suspicious. While it’s possible they just haven’t had time to add more, it’s also possible that they’re not who they say they are — and could be after more than just a love connection.

Be extra cautious with these profiles, do a little more digging before Swiping Right, and — if you do match — for goodness’ sake, don’t send them any money!

And, if you’re the red-flag-one-photo profile — big yikes! It’s time to level up your bio and get in touch with The Match Artist to help you take a range of images you can use on Tinder!

11. Don’t Lie About Your Height or Weight

Just like we said before, don’t lie! Not about your age or appearance, and not about your height or weight. Nobody wants to show up for a Tinder date and find out they’ve been misled!

If you’re insecure about your height or weight, just be upfront about it — after all, it’s only a number. Honesty is always the best policy, and you’re more likely to find someone who appreciates you for who you are.

12. Don’t Use the Same Date Location With Every Tinder Date

Here’s a piece of advice — if you’re going on multiple Tinder dates, it’s important to switch up the location every now and then.

One of the reasons is that using the same location over and over again can get boring and repetitive, and it could give off the impression that you’re not putting much effort into the date.

Worse still: you could accidentally bump into one of your old matches if they decide that they rather liked the spot you brought them to!

Mix it up and try new things — you might discover a new favorite place!

13. Don’t Include Inanimate Objects in Your Profile Picture

Sure, your car or your favorite coffee mug might be important to you, but they shouldn’t be the star of your Tinder bio. It’s much better to use a photo of yourself where you’re clearly visible and easily recognizable.

When you work with us at The Match Artist, the first step of the process is you filling out a detailed questionnaire which tells us all about you. This helps us to plan your photoshoot to the best of our ability, and pull out anything that may help you when it comes to shoot day.

While you are the focus of the photos, maybe there will be a place for your favorite mug…! But just not if it’s covering half your face!

Example of this

14. Don’t Catfish Your Matches

It should go without saying, but you should never catfish others.

Using fake photos or pretending to be someone you’re not is not only dishonest, it’s also a waste of everyone’s time.

If you’re really serious about meeting someone, you’re more likely to boost your chances if you’re true to yourself, allowing you to find someone who likes you for who you are!

15. Don’t Tell Your Life’s Story Within the First Few Minutes of Conversation

While it’s important to be honest and open on Tinder, there’s such a thing as oversharing!

Telling your life’s story within the first few minutes of conversation can be overwhelming for your match, and chances are it might scare them off.

Keep it light and casual at first, share funny stories, talk about your interests, and save the deeper conversations for when you know each other better.

16. Don’t Bring up Politics Too Quickly

Politics can be a touchy subject, especially in today’s climate.

While it’s important to be informed and have opinions, bringing up politics too quickly before you’ve even had a first date can make things awkward.

Focus on getting to know each other and finding common ground before diving into more serious topics. As one Redditor puts it, the first date should be “light and fun”!

Tinder Mistakes To Avoid For Men

  • Don’t post pictures of you at your wedding
  • Don't write "6 foot for those who care"...
  • Don't copy and paste one of the generic banter lines like 'if you're still reading this far...'
  • Don't use any Snapchat filters

Key Takeaways

Tinder can be a fun and convenient way to meet new people, but it’s important to stay safe and be aware of potential scams.

Don’t use it to make friends, be disrespectful, or lie about yourself. Keep the conversation light and don’t rush into anything!

If you want to take your dating to the next level, you can always try Tinder Plus, Gold, or Platinum, or you can use the Super Like feature to increase your chances of being matched with one of your picks!

Remember, Tinder is what you make it!

Finally, what you absolutely 100% should do on Tinder is make sure that your photos are top-notch!

And how can you do that? Just get in touch with The Match Artist and we’ll take it from there, so you can get back to Swiping — respectfully, of course!

What You Should Not Do on Tinder? FAQs

What are the negatives of Tinder?

Like all dating apps, there are some downsides to using Tinder.

Some people use it solely for hookups, which may not be what you’re looking for. You’ll also need to stay alert for scammers and fake profiles. Additionally, sometimes messaging can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure how to start a conversation.

However, if you use it responsibly and stay safe, Tinder can be a great way to meet new people and potentially make a match.

How do you pick a scammer on Tinder?

Scammers on Tinder are becoming more common, so it’s important to be vigilant.

Some warning signs include:

  • Profiles with no pictures
  • Profiles with only one or two images that look too professional or overly edited
  • Matches who ask too many personal questions, such as your full name and date of birth.

If you’re suspicious of someone, try doing a reverse image search to see if they’ve been stolen from someone else.

Be safe out there, guys!

How can I be safe on Tinder hookups?

Meeting up with someone from Tinder can be fun, but it’s important to take precautions to stay safe.


  • Meet in a public place
  • Let someone you trust know where you’re going
  • Consider video chatting with your match before meeting up in person
  • Have a back-up plan.

Remember not to drink too much or leave your drink unattended (sober dates are pretty popular these days, too!), and remember: you can always say no if you feel uncomfortable in their company.

Tinder also now offers Noonlight integration, which can call for help silently, should you need it. If you choose to integrate it with your Tinder, a small icon will appear on your profile, which may help to deter those who have ill intentions.


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