Aug 18

The Best First Date Ideas

Where should you go on your first date? There are so many places! But, what if you want to be original? This blog will show you six of the most unique first date spots that are sure to impress the other person you're going out with!

The first date can be a bit overwhelming. After all, you're getting to know someone that you haven't even met before. There can be a lot of thoughts that travel through your mind like...

"Does he/she even like me?"

"Did I wear the right thing?"

"Am I talking too much?"

First of all, the first question is a common one, so don't feel like an outcast if this thought crosses your mind. Of course, you can't always tell if the person likes you or not, but their body language may give you a clue. Are their feet pointed towards you? Are their shoulders pointed towards you? This is a clue that they want to get to know you a little bit better.

For the second question, when you go on a shoot with The Match Artist, we help you out and give you tips on the right first date outfits. Try to wear something casual, but don't wear a shirt that has a phrase or photo on it. Wear a plain shirt with a blazer over it (if it's too hot don't worry about the blazer), some jeans, and some lace-ups or slip on casuals and you will be good to go. If you're a girl, wear something casual, as well. You can wear jeans and a tighter shirt, or a long skirt and a cute top.

For the third, you COULD be talking too much, but chances are he/she may be wondering the same thing theirselves. One pointer is to ask the girl/guy questions. Good questions are "Do you have any siblings?", "What were you like growing up?", and "What are your favorite movies?" Stick to basics. You don't want to ask the big "Do you want to get married someday?" on the first date.

One thing that can help ease all of the painful questions that are going on is being in the right place at the right time. Your first date can actually shape your entire relationship, so if you do something fun, original, and memorable, there's a good chance you will be getting a phonecall or text the next day, and it could be something you can talk about in the future to friends and family members. Here are my favorite first date ideas that are sure to impress:

  1. Go on a picnic


A picnic is a CLASSIC first date. People in the 50's went on picnics all the time, or so it looks like in the movies, and it worked out pretty well for them, right? Right. Packing up a picnic and going to the park is good for a few reasons. #1: It shows that you are thoughtful and put a lot of time into the date. #2: It shows off your more sensitive side and shows that you are a special person. #3: You get to put together a picnic! Okay, okay. The last one may seem a little bit daunting, but go with what you think is right. Go to the store, get some cheese and meats, some fruits like grapes, make sandwiches, get a bottle of wine (don't forget the opener) if you're into drinking, and put it in a picnic basket. If you don't have a picnic basket, you can get creative with it! Except, don't throw everything in a trash bag! You can use a tote bag or a smaller plastic tub and decorate it. Oh, and don't forget the blanket!

  1. Go Thrifting

becca-mchaffie-Fzde 6ITjkw-unsplash

Thrift stores are super fun and there are so many weird and bizarre tiems that are sure to start conversations. It's a great way to get to know someone and their style. And, I have a cool game for you! Here's the game: You each have a budget of $15 and you have to get an outfit for the other person. Set a timer for ten minutes and run around the store grabbing items that are funny or cool. Once the ten minutes is over, use the $15 to buy the other person's outfit, and stop somewhere to change into the clothes. Now you have to wear the clothes for the rest of the date. It's a fantastic chance to show off your spontaneous side!

  1. Local Trivia Night


Even if you aren't the best at trivia, it's still fun to go out and test your brain every once in a while. Look up some local trivia nights and invite your date to go with you. First off, you're in a public place/bar surrounded by people, and chances are there will those people talking to you, especially at trivia night. Also, instead of just sitting across from eachother and drinking, prying words out of each other's mouths, you get to work together to come up with answers to trivia! And another thing, it's a great way to REALLY get to know someone. If you end up not getting along with the other person during trivia, then you know that maybe they aren't the best person for you. BUT. SERIOUSLY THOUGH. If you do get along, it will make for a great first date story and it will start a lot of different conversations about different topics due to the trivia questions! Now go forth and trivia!

  1. Arcade

matt-chris-pua- aSOc5RT-8U-unsplash

I cannot stress this enough. . . I LOVE GOING TO THE ARCADE! It is such a fun place, it's loud, and there are so many different options for fun. When you're taking a date to the arcade, play some games that involve the both of you. Good games are racing, shooting games, and air hockey. Then, let them wander around for a little bit by theirself. Don't follow your date around everywhere because you want to give them some space. Also, this is a good time to assess whether you think the date is going well, and chances are your date will be doing the same. Arcades are truly fun and they bring out the competitive and exciting side of people. Plus, when you leave, you can go home with an awesome prize with the tickets you won. BONUS: Ger her/him a stuffed animal. It's a win.

  1. Mini Golf


What's NOT fun about playing mini golf? Take your date to a mini golf place and watch the competition ensue! Take a score card with you and let them take score. You can even make jokes and peak over their shoulder to "see if they are cheating." It's a good sport to do a lot of flirting, and it's a good time to get to know the other person since it's just the two of you on each hole. Like I said earlier with asking questions, don't be shy! Ask "Have you mini-golfed before?" or "What do you like to do for fun? Besides this, of course." or "What are your all time top five favorite songs?" (Okay, I may have stolen the last one from High Fidelity, but it's a good question!). If the mini golf goes well, then I'd call that date a hole in one! (har har har)

  1. Go to a Karaoke Bar


Karaoke bars are pretty hilarious. For one, they are a bit loud, so there won't be any awkward silences. And two, you can watch people sing and laugh together about their performance, or marvel together about how good they are. And, if you're feeling a little gutsy, you can go up and sing a song yourself. Or you can try to get your date to sing! If your date does end up singing, make sure to give them a standing ovation and a whistle, and let them know how much you loved their performance, even if it was terrible!

Are you going to try out any of these first date ideas? If so, let us know! Check us out on Instagram or Facebook and send us a message letting us know how your date went. We're happy to hear!