Oct 09

How to get Married from Tinder?

A little teaser of my co-founder's wedding. It all started with a few photos years ago.

My co-founder Shane got married a couple of weeks ago. Obviously, he put in the work to intrigue his now wife, but it was a few photos I captured of him 6 years ago that led to them matching online. This was back when we were just two guys hanging out in my photography studio. We never knew our photos would lead to many relationships and even 4 marriages (that we know of, anyway).

Here's one of the photos that brought in the matches initially. Confidently looking into the distance in a cafe.

A little more of our story:

Shane and I grew up in MN/ND and met around 7 years ago. I was a wedding photographer at the time, and he was a software developer. We bonded over the love of working late nights on our businesses (him on his software company, and me typically editing photos). I had stumbled upon a new method of coaching for headshot clients (now we call it facial expression coaching) and tried it out on a few of my friends, including Shane. This involves teaching someone what muscles in their face contribute to a natural-looking facial expressions. These photos ended up on Shane's online dating profiles, and he began to get far more matches than ever before. He also snapped a few of me for my online profiles, and my matches improved.

Fast forward to 2018, he moved to Dallas and proposed the idea of photographing people for their online dating profiles. At the time, he had just started dating his now wife from the photos I took of him (they matched on tinder). At the beginning, I was flying into Dallas to do sessions for guys, then eventually joined him in Texas. We slowly crafted our particular style in detail, and it has gradually become more and more thorough over time. We now have worked with over 700 guys in dozens of cities throughout the country and have 6 photographers shooting for us.

I am also getting married in a few weeks to a gal I met online from some of the photos Shane took for me.

At this point, we've helped jumpstart many relationships with the 600+ guys we've photographed, and that's what we're passionate about. It's amazing to continually see the joy a solid relationship can bring, even after someone is fairly established in their life.
For Shane's wedding, I wasn't the main photographer, but I did snap some photos throughout the day. It was crazy to see the wedding finally come together—especially for someone I've spent so many hours with building this business to help others find love.

As a bonus, I even got to see him cry (which isn't typical for him being the developer and spreadsheet guru that he is).


He even DJ'd a bit at his own wedding.

If you want the best shot at getting more matches online, one of our photographers will hop on a call with you to dive in more.


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