Best Bumble Profiles For Men

These are some photos you need for your online dating profiles to be successful.

If you missed our video training, I converted it into blog form.

It's a bit longer than normal, but we just want you to take better photos - so buckle up.

It can be frustrating to upload photos and not get the matches you deserve. I truly believe that nearly every person has the potential to be photogenic—they just need the right coaching.

When our photographers at The Match Artist take photos, we try to hone in on how people will feel when they see a set of images. Plenty of photographers can shoot some LinkedIn shots for you, but we’ve found that photos that tell a story of a person’s personality lead to far more online dating matches than other methods.

When it comes to online dating, people are much more likely to swipe right when your photos reveal you to be confident, fun, and passionate about something.

Personally, I always used photos that were consistent with my hobbies and passions. I had shots of me making a pour-over coffee, rock climbing, DJing, and most importantly a shot with one of my dogs. This is different for every person we work with at The Match Artist, and even if you don’t have a ton of hobbies, that’s completely okay.

If you need some ideas, check out the eight types of photos we take for our clients that get them more matches and ultimately better dates. These aren’t in any particular order, and you can pick the shots that suit your personality best.

1.) The Smile or Laughing Shot

With your online dating profiles, it’s important to show that you’re fun and approachable. Your future matches should feel like they can trust you. Flash a smile and even better if you can get a genuine laugh.

2.) The Mischievous Shot

The second is something a bit more serious or mischievous. You want to create intrigue, and this shot subtly communicates that there’s more to you than meets the eye. Bonus points if you can make your jawline pop in this one. Below are a couple we’ve shot.

3.) The Passion Shot

This photo shows you doing something you enjoy and typically do often. The goal of this photo is to show people you’re passionate about something and do far more than just work. Our goal is to build a story of someone’s life through pictures.

4.) The Cafe Shot

This shot can communicate intelligence, sociability, or your laid back personality. Someone you match with could picture themselves at the same cafe with you, sitting across the table. You could even throw in a laugh to show you don’t take yourself too seriously.

5.) The Social Shot

Next is something more social. If you have a drink in your hand or nearby, this could make people feel that you’re the type to go out regularly, socialize, and you’re fun to be around.

6.)The Full Body Shot

The full body shot can be done a number of ways. Future matches want to know you take care of your body, so this one is a must for your online dating profile. It could be seated or even a walking shot. Below are some we’ve taken.

7.) The Intellectual Shot

Hopefully so far you’ve shown yourself to be attractive, fun, interesting, and social—but we also need to mix in a photo that shows you’re smart without coming off too nerdy. The photo should convey a fun sort of intelligence like these next shots.

8.) The Dog Shot

The bonus photo is a shot with an animal. There’s nothing more relatable than showing you can be trusted with a dog. It can be difficult to get this shot right, but if you’re able to show that you’re approachable with the animal, you’ll start bringing in more matches.

I hope this was helpful. A bit long, but we try to be thorough in everything we do.

The truth is, you could figure out how to take these shots yourself, but it will be far more frustrating and time-consuming.

If you have other questions, or just want to get the matches you deserve, we'd love to help swap out your photos for ours and let them do the work for you.