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At The Match Artist, we are results-driven when it comes to your photos. Whether it be your Photofeeler scores or your online dating matches, we believe in customizing every photo to make sure you're getting the results you deserve. We are passionate about what your facial expressions and body language convey, and all of our A-list photographers are trained to bring out your best side so you're left with more matches and better dates. 

Take a look at our before and after scores from some of the guys we've worked with.


How does it work?

Our Proven Process

The Match Artist

  • A personalized 4-5 hour photoshoot with an A-list photographer who comes to you so that you’re never out of your element.
  • Our photographers will remove all pressure (most of our clients say the shoot was much more fun than they thought a shoot could be).
  • We’ll tell you exactly what to wear, where to stand, and how to act so that there’s zero guesswork on game day, and all you have to do is show up.
  • We’ll provide real-time coaching to make sure your facial expressions allow others to see you the exact same way you see yourself (most photographers aren't even aware facial expression coaching exists).
  • We’ll give you 200+ photos, each uniquely edited to highlight your best features and truly represent who you are (probably for the first time) to the online world.

Check out our results-driven case studies

Case Studies

It might be hard to believe we can get the results for our clients that we claim, so we've put together some specific results-driven case studies to show the life change with new photos.

Rohit's Story From separated during Covid, to women chasing him and as many dates as he wants.

I talked to you initially a year ago, and I don't know why I didn't hire you right then. It was like a night and day difference... by the end of January I was dating non-stop.
- Rohit

His Google review and a few text exchanges

Rohit: Behind the Scenes


Before + After


Ryan's Story From some dates to as many dates as he wants.

When I first started implementing the photos, it was pretty much instant results. Nowadays I can pretty much get dates when I want them... like how many dates do I want to go on this week? They coach you on how to have the best looks for your photos. This is something I had no idea about. Now when I'm taking pictures with friends, I know how to bring out the most attractive looks.
- Ryan

Ryan met his girlfriend on bumble using our photos

1.5 year relationship


Before + After


Danny's Story From divorced to feeling confident in his image.

There was a significant difference when I got photos taken by The Match Artist. My photographer and I shot the shit and it felt like we were old friends, but we had just met that day...
- Danny

More from Danny


Before + After


Brent's Story Went from being good at dating in person to using those skills when online dating

It was pretty smooth... it was actually kinda fun... it was 'lets go to a brewery and grab an actual beer.' It kinda felt like hanging out with a friend, but a friend that's got your back and got your best interest in mind. They are as interested in making you look great as you are interested in looking great. I got really good results once I started.
- Brent

"An overall skyrocketing experience for my online dating." - Brent


Before + After


Michael's Story From 1-2 (if that) matches per day, to 5-6 likes per day on Hinge.

Fantastic process. Highly recommend it. It's been a few weeks, and no joke I'm averaging 5-6 likes per day on hinge. Previously, I think I'm a pretty good looking dude and was averaging 1-2 likes per day, but the photos didn't show my lifestyle. I've been bumped up to the higher tier of quality matches.
- Michael

Jake's Story From a break up to more dates than he has time for.

At the moment of doing this interview, I haven't done much effort outside of posting a couple of the photos... and I'm at the point where I have too many dates a week... I've had to reschedule dates because I was feeling overwhelmed by the attention.
- Jake

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Before + After


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