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Navigating Roses on Hinge: Frequency, Usage, and More

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In a world of likes, matches, and profiles, it seems like every dating app has a different gimmick to help you get more matches. On Hinge, Roses are a way to show extra interest in another person. However, it can be confusing to figure out exactly how Roses work!

What’s the process for sending Roses? What happens if you receive a Rose? What else do you need to know about the feature?

Well, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered with all of the answers you’re looking for! In this article we’ll look into the intricacies of Roses on Hinge, including:

  • What Hinge actually is

  • How Roses work on Hinge

  • How to use Roses

  • Regular and Premium Rose features

  • Everything you need to know about carrying Roses over

  • Things to consider when it comes to Roses

  • Frequently asked questions. 

Let’s get started!

What Is Hinge?

Hinge is a dating app which focuses on helping users to find meaningful relationships. It differs from the casual swipe culture of other dating apps — such as Tinder, Bumble, and eHarmony — and instead uses a unique system of prompts and answers to foster in-depth conversations with potential matches.

With the tagline, “designed to be deleted”, the hope with Hinge is that you’ll be able to meet others who match your life goals, and hopefully never need another dating app again!

Hinge’s algorithm suggests most potential matches based on shared things that interest you and compatibility, as well as information you provide the app upon signing up, such as the kind of partner you’re looking for, if you’re interested in men or women, and more. 

What Is a Rose on Hinge?

Roses on Hinge are a special feature used to show you have a special interest in another user’s profile page. Those on the free version of Hinge are given one Rose to use per week. These can be sent to someone who stands out to them.

You may have come across similar features on other apps. Roses could be seen as the equivalent of a Super Like on Tinder, or SuperSwipe on Bumble.

Roses indicate a level of heightened attraction, letting the person know you think there’s strong potential for a match. 

While sending a Rose is no guarantee that the other person will match with you, it could increase the chance of sparking a conversation and developing a meaningful connection.

Understanding Roses on Hinge

Roses on Hinge are designed to improve your dating experience by letting you show special interest in a profile. The limited availability adds to its value, and can increase your chances of catching someone’s attention. 

Does Sending a Rose on Hinge Work?

There isn’t clear research or studies in publications to indicate whether or not sending Roses will get you more dates. However, sending a Rose may get you noticed, as it sends your profile to the front of the other person’s likes queue.

Having said that, just sending a Rose won’t do very much for you if your profile isn’t up to scratch! 

Not only is it essential to ensure you’ve filled out your profile completely and included some great conversation starters in your Prompt answers (after all, you’re looking for interaction!), you’ll also want to make sure that your photos make it impossible to pass by your profile!

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Hinge’s Roses Feature

The Rose feature is a unique part of the Hinge dating app, inspired by the Roses on The Bachelor. All users, whether you’re using the free or premium version of the app, will receive one free Rose per week, which can be used to show interest in a profile.

Be sure to send a personalized comment along with your Rose, so that your potential match knows that you’re not just sending out Roses all over the place!

If one Rose isn’t enough, you can always purchase additional Roses (but be careful not to send out too many, as this devalues the purpose). Note that your free Rose won’t roll over each week, so if you don’t use it, it’ll be gone for good!

What Are Roses on Hinge? And Should You Send Them?

Roses on Hinge are icons that represent a heightened level of interest in a profile. It definitely makes sense to send them, but you should choose wisely when doing sso. 

Make sure you only send them to profiles you truly think are compatible, as this will increase your chances of getting a match. 

How Is a Rose Different From a Like on Hinge?

A like represents interest, but the difference with a Rose is that it goes even further. It shows a user you think their profile is exceptional out of everyone you’ve looked at that week. 

Because you only get one free Rose a week, the idea carries more weight. 

How Are Roses Connected to Standouts?

Standouts on Hinge are profiles that the app’s algorithm has determined to be particularly compatible with your lifestyle and interests. It does this through analyzing your activity as well as mutual Dealbreakers.

You can only interact with Standouts by sending a Rose to indicate your interest. You can do this by tapping the Rose icon at the bottom corner of a Standout profile. 

While you may see Standout guys and girls show up in your regular feed, there’s no guarantee, so if you’re truly interested, tap that Rose!

Receiving a Rose on Hinge

If you receive a Rose on Hinge, that’s a strong indication that someone likes you. Because Roses are relatively rare, it shows that your profile really stood out.

When you receive a Rose, you’ll see a Rose icon next to the person’s name in your Likes You feed, along with their comment (if they sent one). From here, it’s business as usual, and you can choose if you’d like to reply (dial in one of your best lines!), return a like (or Rose), or match.

How to Utilize Roses on Hinge

The best way to use Roses is to give them out to profiles that truly stand out to you and people you have a genuine interest in. This way you can increase your chances of forming a connection. 

How to Get Roses on Hinge

You get one free Rose a week as a Hinge user, and they’re added to your account automatically. They won’t expire, but they won’t accumulate either, so be sure to use it! 

You can also purchase more Roses once you have used your free Rose, or if one Rose just isn’t enough. 

How to Send Roses on Hinge

You can send Roses on Hinge either from the Discover or Standouts menu sections. Simply select the Rose icon on the profile you like and send it to them. 

You can also take steps to add a comment (or compliment!) along with your Rose. Leaving a comment can mean you’re three times more likely to get a response, according to Hinge! 

If you want to show your interest even further, tap the Heart icon on the part of their profile that really interests you, so your potential match will know why you sent them a Rose. 

When to Send Roses on Hinge

There aren’t strict rules on when to send a Rose, but make sure you do it when you find a profile that truly piques your interest. 

Due to the limited availability, it’s important to consider who you send them to carefully. 

Are Hinge Roses Worth It?

Yes, it’s definitely worth sending Roses as a way to get the attention of a profile you particularly like! 

However, it’s more important to make sure that your profile is irresistible before you do, so that you don’t waste that Rose!

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Hinge Roses: Regular vs. Premium Features

How do Roses differ on Hinge regular vs. Hinge Premium? Read on as we break it down!

How Often Do You Get a Rose on Hinge?

On the free version of Hinge, you’ll get one Rose each week. 

How Often Do You Get a Rose on Hinge Premium?

On Hinge Premium, you’ll also get one free Rose a week — it’s a pretty even playing field, whether or not you’re paying!

How Much Do Extra Hinge Roses Cost?

If you’re willing to spend money on more Roses, you can purchase extras! 

Extra Roses purchased on Hinge are currently priced at $3.99 each, but you can also buy them in larger numbers and with the benefit of a slight discount:

  • Purchasing 6 Roses will set you back $19.99

  • Purchasing 12 Roses will set you back $29.99. 

Nuances of Hinge’s Rose Feature

While Roses are relatively straightforward, it’s important to understand the nuances of using them before you start giving them out.

Do Hinge Roses Carry Over?

Weekly free Roses do not carry over: you only get one per week. 

Purchased Roses, however, do carry over from week to week, so you don’t need to worry about using them all up right away. 

Do Roses Automatically Become Matches on Hinge?

No, sending a Rose does not automatically guarantee a match. A match on Hinge occurs when the interest is mutual — that is, when both members “like” each other. 

While sending a Rose signifies a high level of interest, the recipient still needs to reciprocate that interest for a match to occur. 

You’re definitely within your rights to ignore a Rose if you’re not interested in the sender. 

Can You Only Send Roses to Standouts on Hinge?

No, you can send Roses to anyone you like. 

While Hinge Standouts are profiles that the algorithm thinks you will be particularly attracted to, and you can only send these profiles Roses, you can also choose to send Roses to profiles you see on your Discover feed.

Does Hinge Tell If You Send a Rose?

Yes, when you send a Rose the recipient is notified. They’ll see a Rose icon next to your name in their Likes You feed, along with any comments you’ve sent.

Other Considerations and Strategies with Hinge Roses

It can be tricky to navigate Roses on Hinge. When to use them, what to do if you receive them, and whether or not you should buy extra Roses are all options to consider.

Is It Normal to Get Roses on Hinge?

It can feel nerve wracking sending Roses, but yes, it’s normal to receive Roses on Hinge, particularly if your profile stands out to someone. 

A great way to make your profile stand out more is to make sure you’ve filled out all the sections and that you have a great range of pictures. 

When Is It Best to Send a Rose?

It’s best to save your weekly Rose for a profile that truly piques your interest. 

If your weekly Rose is about to expire, however, you can try sending it to a “wildcard” profile that you’re not sure you would be compatible with — sometimes people can surprise you!

Why You Should Use Hinge Roses

You should definitely use your free weekly Rose, as it is something that lets you put yourself forward with someone whose profile appeals to you. They can make your profile more noticeable among a sea of likes and potentially increase your chances of forming meaningful connections. 

Utilizing this feature can enhance your overall Hinge experience.

Do Hinge Roses Really Work?

Yes, they can be effective when it comes to putting your profile at the top of someone’s list and for showing someone you’re genuinely interested in them. 

It’s important to remember that you also need to ensure the rest of your profile is well thought out, however — you can’t just rely on Roses!

How Does Hinge Decide Who Gets Roses

Hinge doesn’t decide who gets Roses, it’s decided by the users! 

Roses are 100% allocated by Hinge users to others that catch their interest, which may ultimately lead to success. 

Key Takeaways

Roses on Hinge are special. They’re a unique feature that allow you to show a heightened level of interest in another user’s profile. Because you only get one per week, they carry more weight than a simple “like”. 

If you see someone on Standouts who catches your eye, you’ll only be able to interact with them using Roses. However, you can also send a Rose to anyone who shows up in your Discover feed. 

Just be sure to choose who you send your Rose to carefully — you only get one free Rose a week, whether you’re on the free or premium versions of Hinge!

Sending Roses is a great way to show your interest, but it’s important to remember that Roses are just a tool — you also need to make sure that your profile is well put together with great photos and answers to Prompts. 

Remember — Roses don’t guarantee a match, they may just give you an advantage!

What’ll give you even more of an advantage are fantastic profile pictures, courtesy of The Match Artist! If you’re ready to upgrade your profile, get in touch today and let’s begin your journey to a better dating profile!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it look like when you receive a Rose on Hinge?

When you receive a Rose on Hinge, you’ll get a notification in your Likes You and messages feeds that someone has sent you a Rose. The Rose icon will be attached to the user’s profile who sent it. 

Can you unsend a Rose on Hinge?

No, there is no way to unsend a Rose on Hinge, so choose wisely! All you can do is unmatch with the person. 

How to respond to a Rose on Hinge?

How you respond to a Rose is really up to you! 

Have a look at the person’s profile — if you like the look of them, you can hit the like button on your phone screen, reply to their comment (if they’ve included one), or choose to match with them. 

If you don’t think they’d be a good fit for you or they’re not your type, you have no obligation to like them back just because they sent you a Rose.

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