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Best Hinge Prompts for Men & Women in 2023

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If you’re on Hinge then you’ll know that unlike other dating apps — such as Tinder or Bumble — Hinge doesn’t ask you to fill out your profile in quite the same way. 

While users will still need to add a name, location, and a minimum of six photos to their profiles, their bio is revealed through a series of interview-type questions: known as Prompts.

But how can Prompts earn you any success on the app, especially when it comes to meeting a potential suitor?

In this article we’re going to cover:

  • What Hinge prompts are

  • How they work

  • Whether or not they matter

  • How to improve your Prompts

  • What makes a good Prompt question

  • Mistakes you should avoid with Prompts

  • Which Prompts will get you the most responses

  • How to answer the app’s most popular Prompts

  • Common Prompts

  • The best Prompts for men and women

  • The funniest Prompts to try

  • Our best spicy Prompts to try

  • Prompts that will help you filter through others

  • Unique Prompts to test out

  • Best Prompts for extroverts and introverts

  • Frequently asked questions.

Let’s get into it!

What is a Hinge Prompt?

Hinge Prompts are a series of questions which everyone on the app can choose from to answer and display on their profile. It’s a way of showcasing who you are, your opinions on certain topics or hobbies, as well as your personality, heart, and mind.

While Prompts can be answered in many different ways (with varying degrees of success), the best Prompts are conversation starters — a way into beginning a line of communication with a potential match.

In addition to normal Prompts, where you’ll use your words to try to hook others, you can also use Photo Prompts, as well as Prompts when you video chat. 

You’ll need to answer three Prompts when you set up your profile initially, and can choose from a variety that the app will show you. You can change these later and swap them out for new Prompts that better show off your skills and ideas.

For example, maybe you have an amazing travel story about the time you bought your favorite jeans, know where the best coffee spot in your city is, or have a fun bucket list. Either way, if it’ll get you a few more matches and messages, choose a Prompt that’ll allow you to show it off!

How Does a Hinge Prompt Work?

When you sign up for an account, as part of your bio creation process, you’ll need to choose three Prompts to answer. These will be shown to you on your screen. If you don’t like the Prompt, you can dismiss it and you’ll be shown a new one.

There are over 100 different Prompts on Hinge, so the chances that you’ll get through all of them is pretty slim-to-none. However, that shouldn’t be your goal with Prompts, anyway!

Your Prompt responses should encourage a potential partner to want to comment on something about it. 

Whether it’s something funny, thought-provoking, a challenge, or an interesting detail about yourself, you’ll want to try to encourage your ideal woman (or man) to want to send you some replies!

If someone does respond to your Prompts (either by Liking it, sending a comment, or both), then you’ll receive a notification and be given three options: reply, dismiss, or match.

If you choose to match, you’ll automatically be placed in a private chat room, where you can begin to connect with one another!

Do Hinge Prompts Matter?

As instead of traditional bios Hinge chooses to use Prompts, they’re incredibly important!

Prompts are the only initial way you have to tell potential matches about the things that are important to you, as well as display your personality on a deeper level.

However, it’s important to remember that although Hinge places a lot of importance on genuine connections and its Prompts, it’s still a dating app. And that means that the first thing a potential match will look at is your pictures.

While we all know that physical attraction is only part of the equation when it comes to dating, dating apps still skew in favor of those who are perceived as “more attractive” — it’s exactly how Tinder is set up, after all!

And while the Hinge algorithm claims to go a little deeper and hopes to spark genuine connections, it still works partially by monitoring activity on the app, including your Likes.

And what do most people tend to like first? Your photos!

If you’re still using Facebook to pull a number of images over to your dating profile, or relying on gym selfies, then The Match Artist can give you a helping hand!

We’re a photography service who specialize in dating app photos. And not only do we really care about our clients and their success, we get them results!

That’s not just some sales pitch — they’re facts!

Your images and your Prompts go hand-in-hand when it comes to success on Hinge, so why wouldn’t you do your best to show off your best traits, and give yourself the best chance of meeting not just someone, but potentially the one?

The Importance of Being Specific in Hinge Prompts

Not answering Hinge Prompts with specificity could lead to you being labeled as “basic”, and your potential match moving on to the next person.

This is your chance to show off a little (but not too much — arrogance is a huge turn off), so go into the nitty-gritty of the details!

For example, “I like pizza” is a basic answer. Sure — you and a million other people, pal! 

However, “When I was 13 my parents took my siblings and I (youngest of 3!) to Naples in Italy (in my top 10 travel destinations), where I discovered a life-long obsession with all things pizza. I’ve been chasing that high, ever since” is a much more interesting answer.

In this answer you’ve:

  • Expressed a love of travel

  • Given your match some info about yourself and your family

  • Talked about your favorite food in a fun way.

You see? Now, which of those responses do you think would get a response and potentially start a conversation?

As they say: the devil’s in the details!

Just don’t go telling any tall tales! Remember, Hinge is trying to help you make genuine connections, so start from a place of honesty, make an effort, and be real!

How Do I Improve My Hinge Prompts

Of course, we all know there’s a lot of pressure when it comes to crafting your online dating profile. 

There are so many unwritten rules — don’t be too pushy, but don’t be too aloof; express yourself, but don’t be too controversial; make sure you show that you have a friend group, but don’t show them off too much; be funny, but don’t be a class clown; be your true self, but make sure you appear to be genuine and approachable.

It’s exhausting!

So, look, all you really need to do to improve your Hinge Prompts is the following: answer them honestly.

At the end of the day, you aren’t on Hinge to match with as many women (or men) as possible. You’re on it to match with the one person who you’ll truly connect with and have feelings for.

The best way to do that? Be honest, be yourself, and be patient!

Lay it all out on the table, and the right person will see you for who you are, and want to get to know you better!

What Makes a Good Hinge Prompt Question?

The best Hinge Prompt questions are ones that allow you to share not only about yourself but also about the type of person you’re looking for.

Have you heard of the 70:30 rule? The idea is that the best dating profiles are ones that talk about yourself for 70%, and about your ideal match for 30%.

The same can be said for your Prompts!

Whether you’re talking about your favorite books, restaurant dishes, wine, or religion, make sure that you include a little about how your ideal match fits into that!

Questions that dig into your life views — for example your history as well as your future — are also a great way to highlight both who you are and the type of person you’re looking for.

Hinge Prompt Mistakes to Avoid

While there’s plenty of things you should include in your Prompt responses (your love of dogs, for example), there’s also plenty you should absolutely avoid.

Here’s our ultimate list of what not to do in your Hinge Prompts!

  1. Being a bit too basic or cliché

Look, we get it, maybe Malibu is one of your favorite drinks, and you think pineapple on pizza is a controversial opinion (spoiler: it’s not!), but maybe don’t include this information in your Prompts?

  1. Not answering the question

Hinge Prompts are designed for people to get to know you. Non-answers, or short one-word answers are not going to do that! 

  1. Being too negative

Honestly? Being overly negative on dating apps should be a crime! Not only is it a poor way to present yourself, dumping on others is incredibly unattractive.

  1. Being arrogant or cocky

So, maybe you do have a million-dollar house, and maybe you did work really hard to get it. That’s great. But if it’s all you talk about and you’re showing off about your materialistic things, that’s a big ol’ nope. Humility goes a long way!

  1. Being lazy

We see this all the time: asking for generalized recommendations, being sarcastic in your responses, or turning the question back around. Look: it’s lazy and it shows that you can’t be bothered to put the effort in to meet someone you’ll really connect with. So why should others show interest in you? Exactly.

Which Hinge Prompts Get the Most Responses?

According to The Tab, some of the Hinge Prompts which garnered most responses included:

  • “I’m looking for…”

  • “We’ll get along if…”

  • “I want someone who…”

  • “Two truths and a lie”

  • “This year, I really want to…”

This makes sense, as all of these Hinge Prompts are ones that a potential partner could chime in on, as it’s not just about you, but also about your ideal match

All the more important, then, to make sure that you use the 70:30 rule!

Common Hinge Prompts

So now that we’ve covered the ins and outs or Prompts, how about some examples? Here are some of the most common Hinge Prompts you may find on the app!

“Dating Me Is Like…”

This Prompt is a great opportunity for you to add a little humor into your profile, show off your personality, and insert the idea that you could be dateable material. Don’t forget the 70:30 rule on this one, for sure!

“Fact About Me That Surprises People…”

This question is a fun one to either be a little cheeky, completely genuine, or let your weird out! If you can interest someone just enough to get a response, then you’re on the right path.

“This Year, I Really Want to…”

Did you know that showcasing your future goals and plans can make you appear a little more vulnerable and appealing? Make sure your response has depth, though, and it’s cliché or shallow.

“Green Flags I Look For…”

Remember to keep this light and positive, while also weeding out those who may not match your dating preferences.

“I Want Someone Who…”

This is another one you’ll want to keep positive and humorous. It’s a very similar question to the green flags one, in some ways, as it’s an opportunity for you to lay out what you’re looking for. Just remember to be open minded!

“A Shower Thought I Recently Had…”

Your response to this answer should make people laugh or go, “Dang, I never thought of that before!” You can either go deep with it, or keep it light — just don’t Google something and then copy and paste!

“The Most Spontaneous Thing I’ve Done…”

Did you know that women are more attracted to men who take risks, according to The University of Western Australia? At least, it’s true for short-term relationships. So use this question to highlight why you’re fun and not afraid to take risks, but also that it isn’t necessarily your everyday behavior!

“Typical Sunday”

This question is a really good way to give others an inside peek into how you spend your free time and, therefore, how they might spend it with you. Just be careful not to fall into the trap of being too basic with your response, and be honest!

“My Most Irrational Fear…”

This Prompt allows you to be vulnerable again, so it’s a good one to include on your profile.

“All I Ask Is That You…”

It’s very important to fall into negativity with this Prompt, especially as there’s an element of you telling the other person what to do (which can have varying degrees of success, but can also come across as arrogant and self-centered). 

While there are some great responses you can craft in answer to this Prompt, our best advice? Skip it and move onto something else!

“I’m a Regular at…”

This Prompt is a brilliant way to highlight something that you love, as well as the kind of person you’d like to meet. 

For example, “...this amazing hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant, where I always order the spaghetti cacio e pepe. It’s a Rome classic, or so I’m told! I’d love to visit Italy and try it for real, some day.”

In this response you’re not only talking about a hidden secret (the out-of-the-way Italian restaurant), your habits (you always order the same dish), an interesting fact (it’s a Rome classic), and something about your future plans (you’d like to go to Italy and eat real cacio e pepe).

That gives a potential match loads to work with! Maybe they also love Italian food, maybe they’ve been to Italy before, maybe they make a mean cacio e pepe themselves — you see?

“We’re the Same Type of Weird if…”

Get a little creative with this one, and don’t worry about coming across as an oddball — this question is a great one to display your quirks!

“Two Truths and a Lie…”

This one’s a classic ice breaker, and for good reason: it encourages others to engage with you! Give it a go and watch the comments pour in!

“Give Me Travel Tips for…”

While this is a good question for travel enthusiasts, be careful, as it can also backfire. Make sure you’re specific and still inject a little fun into it, as being too general could just make the other person think that you’re either a bit lazy, or a bit of a narcissist!

“I Geek Out On…”

This Prompt is another great way to be a little quirky, especially if your tastes aren’t super mainstream.

“Together, We Could…”

We love this Prompt — not only does it allow you to show yourself off, it also includes the other party, making them see the two of you as a potential couple. That’s a great seed to plant!

The Best Hinge Prompts for Men

“What’s Your Favorite Way to Unwind After a Long Day?”

More interesting than what people do in their job is how they choose to spend their free time. And if someone can envision spending your free time with you, all the better!

“What’s the Most Spontaneous Thing You’ve Ever Done?”

As previously mentioned, spontaneity can be a huge turn on for many people! A hint of danger, with a huge dose of reality, is the best way to play this one.

“What’s Your Go-to Karaoke Song?”

If you’re a karaoke fan (and who isn’t?) then you’ll know that your go-to song is a pretty big deal! It says a lot about your musical taste, as well as what you’re willing to do in public.

“What’s Your Favorite Thing to Do on the Weekend?”

Much like the “favorite way to unwind” question, this is a good one to give people a glimpse into your life, and potentially think about what it would be like to spend time with you.

“What’s the Best Trip You’ve Ever Taken?”

If you enjoy travel and adventure, and would like to meet someone to experience it together, then this question gives you exactly that opportunity! Just be sure to go into a good amount of detail.

“What’s Your Favorite Thing to Cook or Bake?”

Men who can cook and bake? Huge tick for a potential match! Nobody wants to get stuck with all of the home chores, so knowing that another person could potentially lighten the load is a really big turn on.

“What’s Your Favorite Workout or Fitness Activity?”

While it’s easy to fall into the “gym bro” category with this question, if you’re truly enthusiastic about working out or fitness, then this is a good place to include it. And if you’re not, you can always use this prompt to be a little witty!

“What’s Your Favorite Way to Relax?”

This, again, is a very similar question to the unwind one, as well as the fave things to do on the weekend. We’d recommend picking one of the three, if given the option, and focus on how your ideal potential partner could fit into the equation.

“What’s Your Favorite Type of Cuisine?”

If you’re a foodie then this is a really good question to meet someone who shares your taste — literally! Just don’t launch into a massive essay and remember the 70:30 rule.

“What’s the Most Interesting Thing You’ve Learned Recently?”

This question could be a great way to share an interesting fact (for example, we’ve recently been learning about the weird and wonderful lives of sea eels and it’s been blowing our minds), but just make sure that you aren’t just heading to Google and copying and pasting!

“First Round Is on Me If…”

This Prompt has the potential to get a bit negative, which’ll stick out like a sore thumb in your profile. So keep it light and introduce a little bit of friendly competition!

“Biggest Risk I’ve Taken”

Very similar to the spontaneity question, choose only one of the two, if the option comes up. Don’t forget to remind any potential matches that while you have taken a risk in the past, you’re also a stable partner!

“Together We Could…”

As we’ve already mentioned, this is an awesome Prompt to begin to suggest that you and your potential match would be a good couple!

“The One Thing I’d Love to Know About You Is…”

This Prompt allows you to use the 70:30 rule really efficiently. Not only does it turn the Prompt around into a great conversation starter, it can also help you weed through people you wouldn’t be interested in.

“I Bet You Can’t…”

And, again, a little bit of friendly competition is a great way to get some responses! It’s cheeky, it’s flirty, and it’s likely to trigger a comment!

The Best Hinge Prompts for Women

“What’s Your Idea of a Perfect Weekend?”

Just as this is a great Prompt for guys, this is also a great prompt for women to show their personality in a more rounded light. It’s important for others to be able to see how they could fit into your life, and vice versa.

“What’s Your Go-to Happy Hour Drink?”

If you love a Happy Hour (and honestly, who doesn’t), then this is a good way to show it, and potentially let a future match see themselves joining you!

“What’s Your Favorite Outdoor Activity?”

Men love getting out into the great outdoors — even if only for a short hike! And knowing that there’s a gal out there who would be keen, too, is a big turn on.

“What’s Your Favorite Type of Music?”

Remember when you were a teenager and it was really important for you to know what kind of music your crush was into? Well, for some people it’s still pretty important, and having good taste in music could be the make or break in a potential relationship!

“What’s Your Favorite Book or Movie?”

This one’s a great Prompt for those of you out there who are big readers or movie buffs, especially if you want to meet someone similar.

“What’s the Most Interesting Thing You’ve Learned Recently?”

As with guys, this is a cool way to let others know about the things that make you tick! Just make sure it isn’t too standard or basic an answer.

“What’s Your Favorite Thing to Cook or Bake?”

Women who can cook? Huge turn on!

“What’s the Best Trip You’ve Ever Taken?”

If you love travel and want to meet someone who does, too, then be sure to include this answer in your Prompts!

“What’s Your Favorite Way to Stay Active?”

While not everyone is going to be up for a 10 mile hike, or 3 hours at the gym, knowing that you’re keen to move your body could help you start a conversation with someone who’s the same! And, if you aren’t a super active person, you can always answer this question with a tongue-in-cheek tone!

“What’s Your Favorite Thing to Do When You Have Free Time?”

Again, we would recommend only answering one of these questions, but it’s another great Prompt to show off who you are in your you time!

Funny Hinge Prompts You Can Try

Injecting a little humor into the situation is always a good idea! Here are some Prompts which could help you get a smile out of your potential match and, crucially, a response.

“If We Were Characters in a Sitcom, Who Would We Be?”

Of course, the obvious go-to here is Friends, but it doesn’t have to be! Why not try something a little more off-beat that shows that you aren’t just “one of those guys”, and show your taste at the same time?

“What’s the Most Embarrassing Thing You’ve Ever Done on a Date?”

It’s good to show someone that you can laugh at yourself, as well as be a little vulnerable! Just maybe keep the x-rated details to yourself…

“What’s Your Favorite Dad Joke?”

If you’re a fan of a dad joke, maybe she is, too! You never know, you could meet someone you can crack dad jokes with together for the rest of your life!

“If You Were a Sandwich, What Kind Would You Be?”

These kinds of questions are always a little silly and don’t necessarily show your personality in its best light, so take caution. But, then again, if you’re really passionate about sandwiches, it could be a go-er!

“What’s Your Most Used Emoji?”

Everyone uses emojis, so this can show someone quite a bit about you! But be careful, as this question can age you, too! There are very specific emojis that Millennials and Gen-Z use for different purposes, and plenty of hidden meaning.

“What’s the Worst Pickup Line Someone’s Used on You?”

Again, keep it light — this isn’t an opportunity to trash other people! Instead, focus on the positive.

“What’s Your Favorite Bad Movie?”

Another question where it’s easy to stray into the negative, so try to keep it light and funny!

“What’s Your Go-to Karaoke Song?”

As we’ve already mentioned, this can be a great way to show off your musical taste as well as let your potential match know that you’re willing to get silly in public!

“What’s Your Favorite Meme?”

In a similar fashion to the emoji question, we’d pick one out of the two.

“What’s Your Weirdest Talent?”

This is a real opportunity to make the other person laugh, and potentially start a conversation. So go ahead, tell them all about your weird and wonderful!

Flirty Hinge Prompts You Can Use to Spice Up the Conversation

Remember, you can use Prompts in video chats as well as on your profile. So if you’re beginning to vibe with someone, schedule a call, and then check out some of these Prompt suggestions!

“What’s Your Favorite Type of Date Night?”

A space where you can potentially tell your future match what sort of date they could expect with you, is a great move! Just be sure not to get too spicy.

“What’s the Most Romantic Thing You’ve Ever Done for Someone?”

We’d be a little careful with this Prompt, because nobody wants to think about your exes!

“If You Could Travel Anywhere in the World With Someone, Where Would You Go?”

If you’re a travel enthusiast, this is an awesome Prompt to tackle. Just watch out for the clichés!

“What’s the Sexiest Quality Someone Can Have?”

Again, make sure you keep it positive and try to focus on personality, rather than physical traits.

“What’s the Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Done to Impress Someone?”

Similar to the romance question, be careful here. You don’t want a future match to forever wonder if they live up to whoever is in your past!

“What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?”

If you’re trying to spice things up, then this one could get x-rated pretty fast! Remember, there’s a lot more heat in what’s left to the imagination…!

“If We Were Stranded on a Deserted Island, What’s the One Thing You’d Want to Have With You?”

This is an opportunity to get a little creative, but it’s also a question that could lead to giant clichés. Think about your answer to this one carefully!

“What’s Your Favorite Way to Be Pampered?”

When you answer this question, just remember that you don’t want your future match to think they’re potentially signing on to become your servant!

“What’s the Most Attractive Quality Someone Can Have?”

This question is very similar to the “sexiest quality” one, so choose one.

Hinge Prompts to Filter Matches More Effectively

Some of these Prompts head into slightly more controversial territory. While we wouldn’t normally recommend going too hard, too fast, if you’re looking to hone in on a specific person, these can be a good way to weed out those who don’t fit your criteria.

However, a word of caution! Be open minded, when it comes to dating. Your perfect match may be just outside of what you consider to be your “ideal” traits!

“What Are You Looking For in a Relationship?”

If you’re trying to filter your matches to a very specific kind of person, then this question could help. Just be careful not to turn it into a shopping list!

“What Are Your Dealbreakers in a Relationship?”

Sometimes it’s a good idea to just set your boundaries up front. Remember, you can also set Dealbreakers in your profile settings, so that you won’t see those sorts of profiles.

“What’s Your Love Language?”

Honestly? This is a great question to answer. It shows self-awareness and allows you to move forward into potential relationships with your cards on the table.

“What’s Your Biggest Pet Peeve?”

Use this Prompt with caution — as mentioned, negativity will stand out on your profile, so don’t turn it into a complaint fest!

“What Are Your Political Views?”

It can be pretty risky to lead with politics and religion. However, if it’s particularly important to you to match with someone with a similar political stance, then this can be a great way to make sure that you do.

“What’s Your Stance on [Controversial Topic]?”

Again, we recommend staying away from controversial topics. But, if it’s very close to your heart, then it makes sense to want to address it early on.

“What’s Your Biggest Turn-off?”

If you’re looking to weed out certain people from your matches, then this could be an effective way to do it. However, if you want to refrain from being too negative on your profile, don’t forget about your Dealbreakers in your preferences!

“What’s Your Favorite Way to Unwind After a Long Day?”

If you’re looking for someone who could fit in with your lifestyle (maybe you like to hit the gym to blow off steam; maybe you like to hit the couch with the TV remote and a bag of chips), it’s a good way to set those expectations early on. 

“What’s Your Idea of a Perfect Weekend?”

Similar to the above Prompt, we’d recommend choosing one.

“What’s Your Biggest Guilty Pleasure?”

You never know — your guilty pleasure could also be your perfect match’s!

Unique Hinge Prompts You Can Test

“Describe Your Dream Adventure…”

If you’re an adventurous sort and are looking for someone similar, this is a cool Prompt to use. Remember to use the 70:30 rule!

“What Would You Do With an Extra Hour Every Day?”

This Prompt is a great way to get vulnerable and show people what you’re really passionate about.

“What’s Your Most Unique Talent?”

This is an opportunity for you to really show your personality, as well as inject a little humor into it.

“My Personal Hero Is…”

We’re big fans of this Prompt — your personal hero could be anybody, so you can take this one in any direction you like.

“If You Could Only Eat One Meal for the Rest of Your Life…”

This is another fun one to answer — just be sure to go into the details with it!

“What’s the Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Eaten?”

It’s easy to get into gross-out territory with this one, so tread carefully!

“My Perfect Day Would Include…”

There have been plenty of questions similar to this one we’ve covered already, so don’t skimp on the details, and use the 70:30 rule!

“If You Could Live in Any Time Period, Which Would You Choose?”

This is a really interesting Prompt, and you can choose how you’d like to answer it. Maybe you want to be funny, or go deep into your values. Whichever you go for, back up your reasoning!

“What’s Your Favorite Childhood Memory?”

This is another opportunity for you to get vulnerable and show your potential match that you’re an open-hearted soul!

Best Hinge Prompts for Extroverts

“What’s Your Favorite Way to Meet New People?”

Remember: meeting new people doesn’t necessarily have to be in a romantic setting. Maybe use this opportunity to talk about how you met some of your closest buddies.

“What’s Your Favorite Type of Social Gathering?”

This question is a great insight into who you are, and what you like doing. It’s also a chance for your potential match to see how they could fit into your life.

“What’s the Most Exciting Thing You’ve Done Recently?”

If the person you’re trying to attract is an extrovert like you, then this could be a great way to excite them, too! It shows that you’re up for adventure and have a bit of a dangerous side to you.

“What’s Your Favorite Group Activity?”

This is another great opportunity to talk about your friend group, to show that you have a great network of buddies.

“What’s the Most Adventurous Thing You’ve Ever Done?”

This one’s pretty similar to the “most exciting thing you’ve done recently” question, so pick one.

“What’s Your Go-to Party Trick?”

If you have a party trick, then this is a great Prompt to include on your profile! Just avoid anything too cliché.

“What’s Your Favorite Type of Event to Attend?”

Similar to the “favorite type of social gathering” Prompt, this one could allow you to think broader than your friendship group. For example, maybe your job has some perks, like fancy dinners, gala evenings, or sports’ games? Share and get into the details!

“What’s Your Favorite Way to Make People Laugh?”

There’s plenty of ways you can go with this question, but if it’ll make your potential match laugh, then you’re onto a winner!

“What’s Your Favorite Social Setting?”

Again, similar to some of the other questions on this list, so don’t overload on the responses!

“What’s Your Favorite Way to Celebrate?”

Are you a big blow-out celebration guy, or more low-key with a few close friends and family? Spill and use the 70:30 rule!

Best Hinge Prompts for Introverts

“What’s Your Favorite Book to Get Lost in?”

If you’re a big reader, books can be a great way to bring people together. So wax lyrical about your fave reads and you never know! You could meet a fellow bookworm.

“What’s the Best Gift You’ve Ever Received?”

This is an interesting question because the focus is on what you’ve received. And that can say a lot about you in its own way! Remember: not all gifts have to be material!

“What’s Your Favorite Way to Recharge Your Batteries?”

This is a great question that can help set expectations. For example, if you’re the kind of person who needs peace and quiet, and to be alone when you’re out of juice, then letting your potential partner know early on is a great idea.

“What’s Your Favorite Solo Activity?”

Similar to the above question, this question helps you to set expectations and — potentially — boundaries. We all need alone time, so don’t be afraid to be upfront about it!

“What’s Your Favorite Thing About Staying in on a Friday Night?”

Look, it’s okay — we’re not all in our early-20s anymore and going out on a Friday night isn’t necessarily something that sparks joy! If you’re more of a “cook an awesome meal at home and watch Netflix” kind of guy, that’s totally cool!

“What’s Your Ideal Way to Spend a Lazy Sunday?”

Again, this is all about setting expectations. There’s a bit of a common misconception that if you’re not living your life at 1,000 miles an hour 24/7, you’re not living right. Sometimes it’s okay to just chill out and do nothing!

“What’s Your Favorite Cozy Spot at Home?”

If you’ve got a favorite go-to spot, share it — just remember to use the 70:30 rule on this one, and keep it charming, rather than sleazy!

Key Takeaways

Prompts on Hinge are an easy way to show off who you are and allow others to get to know you better, in short-form 250-word bites. 

Not only are they essential for your actual profile creation, with so many different Prompts out there, you can really tailor your bio to find your ideal match with them.

But not all Prompts are made equal! The best Prompts are ones that:

  • Allow you to be open, honest, and vulnerable

  • Showcase your personality and sense of humor

  • Let you include who your ideal match would be, as well as tell them about yourself

  • Make you seem approachable and genuine

  • Start a conversation!

That’s really the key, at the end of the day. Interest someone just enough that they’ll want to send you a Like or comment, so that you can start chatting!

And remember, while Prompts are incredibly important, it’s also about your profile as a whole. And the place where you may be letting yourself down? Your photos!

If you’re ready to upgrade your images from bathroom selfies to professional photos that get results, get in touch with The Match Artist today!

We’ve got all the tips, tricks, and know-how to level up your dating app profile game, make you feel more confident, and help you meet not just someone, but the one!

Best Hinge Prompts FAQs

What is the best opening line on Hinge?

The best opener on Hinge is apparently, “Two Truths and a Lie”. This is according to an experiment run by Hinge, where they ran 100 different unique Prompts over 30 days. It’s not hugely surprising, either, as it’s a great ice breaker!

What is the average response time on Hinge?

While the best response time is within 24 hours of matching, research found that most people take around 2.5 days to respond to their matches. Men were particularly bad at responding quickly.

Can you tell if you’re on Standouts on Hinge?

While you won’t receive any sort of official notification from Hinge, profiles featured on Standouts can only be interacted with by sending a Rose. So, if you suddenly start seeing an influx of Roses, you’ve likely made it onto Standouts!

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