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Is Dil Mil a Safe Dating App to Use?

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You’d be forgiven if Dil Mil was a new dating app to you — after all, it’s not one of the more commonly used dating apps, especially when compared to Tinder, Hinge, or Bumble. 

However, among the world’s South Asian expat singles community, Dil Mil is one of the most well known dating websites, where their many members regularly not only make matches, but find love. In fact, the app receives at least one success story per day about their couples!

But can you trust Dil Mil with your information, and just how safe is it?

In this article we’ll cover:

  • Whether or not Dil Mil is safe to use

  • The four different ways Dil Mil protects its members

  • If you have the ability to hide your profile from people who may be dangerous

  • The process for reporting a user

  • Frequently asked questions.

Let’s get into it!

Is Dil Mil Safe?

Put your mind at rest — in short, yes! Dil Mil is safe to use!

Dil Mil’s platform was bought over by the Social Discovery Group (formerly Dating Group) in 2010. They also own a number of other well-known niche dating sites, so you can rest assured that they’re legit, know what they’re doing, and have your security interests at heart!

In fact, a number of features on the Dil Mil app actually prioritize user safety, making it a better place for everyone to meet potential friends, or men and women they’d like to date.

As the dating app asks you a number of personal questions about yourself and allows you to set filters in order to help you meet someone (ie, what gender you’re interested in, their career, religion, height, and more), potentially for marriage, they also have a comprehensive privacy policy.

4 Ways Dil Mil Protect Its Users

Dil Mil’s safety features are actually fairly impressive, and rather more extensive than other dating apps out there.

Here are the four main things that they do to make the Dil Mil experience better for everyone, so you can focus on making connections and having conversations with others.

1. Requires All Users to Verify Account via Phone Authentication

When you sign up for a Dil Mil account, you can do so either by using a phone number or Facebook account. However, when you do, you’ll be required to authenticate your account by phone (you’ll be sent a unique code by SMS) or by email.

You can only have one account per phone number.

This process allows the Dil Mil team to ensure that you’re a real user, as well as prevent catfish from infiltrating the community.

If you ever deleted your account and then signed up for a new one with the same number, the moderation team would be able to cross-reference your information with your old account, to ensure that your profile matches.

While this doesn’t eradicate the presence of catfish and fake profiles entirely, it does significantly reduce them and your chances of coming into contact with them.

You can also choose to go through profile verification, which helps prove to others that you’re really who you say you are. Not only that, but if you do, you’ll have access to and be able to participate in Mil and Chill, the app’s community chat function.

2. Dil Mil Has an Active Moderation Team

An active and human moderation team means that any inappropriate content is dealt with quickly, as well as ensuring that everything shown to users adheres to the app’s community guidelines.

All photos uploaded to your profile (you can have up to six) are subject to verification by the moderation team, to ensure that their photo guidelines are followed (which include no partial or full nudity, your face is clearly visible in your images, no group pictures, and more).

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3. Zero Harassment Policy

With Dil Mil’s zero-tolerance policy for harassment, one strike and you’re out!

If you’ve been exchanging a lot of messages with someone, and suddenly their communication turns nasty, you can report them for harassment. 

Once this feedback is received by the moderation team, they’ll look into it, and if they find that the person has breached their harassment policy, they’ll be banned and unable to create a new account.

Of course, reports shouldn’t be taken too lightly, either, and if you simply don’t like someone, you can take steps to ensure that they can’t contact you again (for example, unmatching or blocking them).

If, however, they are harassing you or behaving inappropriately, take screenshots for proof and ensure they’re included in your harassment report.

4. 3rd Party Data Privacy Rule

Dil Mil promises that they will not sell your data — including personal information, payment information, messages, and photos — to third-party services, whether you have a free or VIP Elite account. 

This courtesy extends to when you delete your account, as well.

Can I Hide My Dil Mil Profile From Dangerous People?

If you don’t want your profile to be accessible by anyone, you do have the option to hide it from others. To do this:

  • Go to your account screen

  • Click the Settings icon

  • Navigate to the account section

  • Toggle “Profile Discovery” to off.

This will mean that others are unable to see your profile and match with you, but if you’ve already matched with others, you can continue chatting with them as normal.

How to Report Fake Profiles on Dil Mil

Reporting fake profiles on Dil Mil is very straight forward. 

As mentioned, if someone is harassing you (eg, they’ve been sending inappropriate messages, too many messages, being abusive, or asking for money), take screenshots so that you can prove it to the Dil Mil Support Team.

1. Click on a User Profile

To begin the process, navigate to the profile of the person you’d like to report.

2. Click on the Three Dots in the Top-Right Corner

This will give you a drop-down box with a few options.

3. Click “Unmatch”

Unmatching is the first step to reporting the profile, and it ensures they won’t be able to message you any longer.

4. Select What Reason You Want to Report a Fake Profile for (Not Interested Anymore, Inappropriate Behavior, Fake Profile/Spam)

It’s important to pick the correct title here so that the moderation team can deal with it appropriately.

5. Select the Most Appropriate Answer

Even if it’s not exact, choose the most appropriate answer. If you’ve taken screenshots, you can also send these to the moderation team.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, Dil Mil is a very safe app to use, thanks to the efforts the app’s support team have put into it.

However, despite the safety measures they’ve put in place, you should still practice good internet dating behavior and safety. This includes:

  • Don’t share personal information publicly, such as your address or phone number

  • Being careful which photos you upload, ie. nothing that may reveal places you visit frequently

  • Never share your password

  • Never send money to strangers

  • If in doubt, always block and report!

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Is Dil Mil Safe FAQs

How do I contact Dil Mil’s support team?

You can contact the Dil Mil support team by sending them a message, either through the web or on the app.

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