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Every user of dating sites knows that in order to access the best features, you usually have to upgrade your dating app’s account from a basic free account to paid. But that’s also where things can start getting a little pricey.

On the Dil Mil app, the dating app specifically aimed at South Asian expats looking for long-term relationships and marriage, it’s unfortunately no different. But do you really need to be a paying member in order to meet someone and find love?

In this article we’ll go review the free features of the app and cover:

  • Whether or not you need a Facebook account in order to set up your Dil Mil profile

  • What features you can find on the free version of Dil Mil

  • What quality of matches to expect

  • How many swipes you’ll be able to use

  • When matches reset

  • Where you can get dils

  • Whether or not it’s worth upgrading your Dil Mil account to VIP Elite

  • How much VIP Elite costs

  • Frequently asked questions.

Let’s get started!

Do I Need a Facebook Account to Set Up a Free Dil Mil Account?

When Dil Mil was first started, you needed a Facebook account to create your account on the platform and log in. However, you now have options for how to complete registration, either with your mobile phone number or your Facebook account.

As part of their safety and security measures, your phone number will be verified, as will your email address.

If you ever decide to delete your account and DilMil app, if you re-register with the same phone number, the Support Team will use this number and data associated with it to ascertain if the profile you’ve created in the DilMilapp is the same as previously. 

This helps to keep Dil Mil’s membership safe from catfish, and is one of the security functions they have in place that sets Dil Mil’s app’s experience apart from other dating apps.

Free App Features on Dil Mil

The features DilMil has on the free version of the app are somewhat limited, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make connections within the community of singles.

Chat Requests

On the basic version of the app, if you swipe right on someone, and they do the same for you, you’ll match and be able to chat with each other.

However, if you’ve upgraded to VIP Elite, you’ll be able to send a Request (one per day) to another person along with your like. Essentially, this is a personalized message designed to get the other person’s attention faster.

You can also receive a few free Requests as a free member, though it’s not 100% clear how to activate this, other than continuing to swipe right.

Mil and Chill

Mil and Chill is Dil Mil’s free community chat service. Anyone who has verified their profile on the app can use Mil and Chill, meaning you’ll be free of catfish!

According to Dil Mil, they also recently launched a new interactive audio game by the same name that users could use to break the ice.

Popularity Percentage

Popularity percentage displays on other people’s profiles, showing you how popular they are on the app. It’s available for both free and VIP Elite members. 

While this feature may give you some indication as to other people’s popularity on the app, it’s probably not accurate enough to rely on in order to influence your swipes.

Dil Details, which is a much more detailed breakdown of another person’s profile (or your own), is also available for free and VIP Elite members.

Response Rate

Response rate is another feature available for both free and VIP Elite members, and is actually quite handy when scrolling through profiles. With this stat, you can see how likely it is that the other person would respond, and if they have a particularly low response rate (below 10%), then it may not be worth your time.

It’s worth noting that men on the app tend to be a lot more responsive than women. This may be due to women being inundated with more first messages, or it may be because the women on the app can afford to be pickier.

Either way, if you don’t receive a response, there’s no sense crying over spilled milk! So count your losses and move on — you never know, your best match may be just around the corner!

What is the Quality of Matches on the Free Version of Dil Mil?

According to Dil Mil, they have a very high quality of matches and success stories. In fact, they receive at least one success story every day! That’s a pretty high ratio!

Additionally, there are very few fake profiles on Dil Mil, thanks to their authentication system. That means that more often than not, you’ll have the opportunity to make a real and authentic connection with someone, which could lead to something more!

The moderation team at Dil Mil actively encourages users to take screenshots and report users who violate their community guidelines, which helps to keep the quality of potential matches high.

How Many Swipes Do You Get on Dil Mil Per Day?

On the free version of Dil Mil dating, you have access to 10 swipes per day. These are reset every 24 hours.

While this may not seem like very many swipes to aid you in your search for a soulmate, by having less swipes, you’ll need to really look at other people’s profiles and read their information carefully before swiping.

On other apps, like Tinder, where the number of swipes available are much higher, users — especially men — tend to swipe more indiscriminately, which can lead to dating fatigue.

When Do My Matches Reset on Dil Mil?

Matches will reset every 24 hours in the application’s free version. 

Of course, depending on where you are in the world (Dil Mil’s service is available in the key diaspora markets, including the U.S., Canada, UK, and UAE), the exact time this resets on accounts may vary.

Where Can I Get Dils?

Dils — now known as likes — will be refreshed in your account for free every 24 hours. If this isn’t enough for you, you can upgrade your account to VIP Elite, which will give you unlimited likes.

If you want to upgrade, you can do this within the app (whether you’re using an Apple or Android device), and you’ll be charged through the relevant app store.

Bear in mind there is a free trial available for VIP Elite, but if you don’t cancel 24 hours before the end date, you’ll find that the money will be taken from your account.

However, if the free version of Dil Mil doesn’t have enough functionality for you, you may be able to connect with others better on VIP Elite, anyway!

Is It Worth Upgrading My Account to Dil Mil VIP Elite?

If you’re a woman on the app, you have the advantage. This is clear for a variety of online dating and social networking sites, including Tinder (where women tend to have more interest), Bumble (where women send the first message), and the Gleeden app (where women can use the app for free).

With Dil Mil, it’s much the same. As a woman, you don’t need to upgrade your subscription in the app in order to get chatting to matches. The chances are that most people, especially men, will like and match with your profile, and those conversations may lead to dates.

However, the gender imbalance (though on Dil Mil it’s fairly even) means that while women are generally inundated with attention, men may struggle to stand out.

While, in this case, upgrading your account may seem like a good idea, there are other ways to make sure your profile is getting the attention it should from everyone!

Firstly, make sure that you’ve got your filters and preferences set up properly. On Dil Mil, you can set very specific filters — such as religion, location, height, career path, and more — to help you find the person of your dreams.

Secondly, make sure that you’ve fully filled out all of the options and your bio to best show off your personality traits.

Lastly, and we can’t stress this enough, ensure that your photos really show you in the best light possible! You can upload six pictures to your Dil Mil profile, so use these carefully and strategically!

If you’re considering upgrading to VIP Elite, in our opinion, that money would be much better spent on a photoshoot with The Match Artist!

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How Much Is Dil Mil Premium?

If you purchase Dil Mil VIP Elite, the app’s premium subscription service, there are a few different tiers of membership. These include:

  • A 1 month subscription at $34.99 per month

  • A 3 month subscription at $23.33 per month

  • A 12 month subscription at $16.67 per month.

In addition to purchasing for yourself, Dil Mil also allows you to purchase either a one or three month subscription for your friends as a gift!

Bear in mind that once you’ve purchased, you won’t be able to get a refund, and if you use the free trial and don’t cancel 24 hours before it ends, you will be charged. 

Renewals will also happen automatically, unless you cancel through your app store (or by contacting Dil Mil’s support team directly).

Key Takeaways

If you’re reluctant to upgrade to Dil Mil VIP Elite, the good news is that you don’t have to. While VIP Elite will give you access to more features, those aren’t necessarily going to get you more matches (though they could).

The free version of Dil Mil will still get you:

  • A maximum of 10 swipes per day (which reset every 24 hours)

  • The ability to chat to others

  • Access to Mil and Chill

  • The ability to see a user’s popularity percentage

  • The ability to see a user’s response rate.

While that may seem a little limited, all you need is to match with the right person.

Instead of paying for the premium app subscription, why not focus instead on leveling up your dating profile so that your potential matches come to you? If that sounds like a good idea (and why wouldn’t it?), get in touch with The Match Artist!

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Dil Mil Free App Features FAQs

Do you have to pay for Dil Mil?

No, you don’t have to pay for Dil Mil on the basic version of the app. However, the free version is a little limited and you don’t have a lot of swipes available to you.

If you want to upgrade, you’ll need to pay for Dil Mil VIP Elite — the premium version of the app.

What are Elite Picks on Dil Mil?

Elite Picks are the daily top 12 Dil Mil profiles determined by the app. These are refreshed every 24 hours.

If you’re a free user on the app, you will be able to view some of the Elite Picks and won’t be able to interact with any of them.

If you’re a VIP Elite user, you’ll be able to view all 12 profiles and can swipe on them.

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