Aug 05

Photo Tips #1

Take a look at some tips from a recent session we did.

I want to share some tips on how to take better photos using Dan's photo shoot as an example.

My favorite photos from the session are below, and so are the secrets to what makes each photo match-worthy.

The Headshot
This shot conveys a slight sense of mystery. Don't give everything away in all your photos. Notice the blurred background that keeps the focus on Dan, as well as the slight smirk to keep people guessing.

The Intellectual Shot
He's looking slightly amused and possibly thinking about something while looking off in the distance. Notice that although he has a smirk, his gaze still has intention. 

The Cafe Shot
Again, he's looking off intentionally into the distance while hanging out on a patio. We don't want our photos to look like you hired someone, so having the iPhone in the shot can drop the professionalism.

The Hobby / Passion Shot
Dan is super into van life. Although this probably won't be within the first few photos on his profiles, it tells a story of what a potential date or day in the life could look like.

The Full Body Shot
This one not only stresses his build, but makes the jawline pop. Notice the slight lean and how his left shoulder is dropped. Doing this while raising your chin can give a sense of movement, which leads into the next shot.

The Movement Shot
We have a specific way we capture this photo to give a sense of movement. Photos with movement are far more likely to get swipes. Dan looks confident—like he knows where he's headed.

The Approachable Shot
Take a shot at a bar with a drink (and maybe even a literal one to take the edge off). The goal of this photo is to help a potential match picture themselves across the table from you.

The Mysterious Shot
The slight smirk, the darker colored shirt, the shadows, and the lean give this shot some intrigue. This shot is intended to create intrigue without giving too much away.

Hopefully now you'll have some ideas of photos you can take yourself! Stay tuned—I'll cover more clients in future emails. 

Online dating doesn't have to be difficult. 

Talk soon,

Nick | Founder of The Match Artist

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