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Our Process

We'll walk through a bit more about our photoshoot process and how we get results for our clients.

Each of our sessions are custom-tailored to you specifically, so it’s difficult to nail down exactly what your shoot will look like until you chat with your photographer. Our Pre-Shoot Questionnaire will help us get to know you. Some of the guys we work with have a number of photographable hobbies to capture, while a number of others don’t—and that’s just fine. Don’t worry if you’re not a podcaster, musician, or avid kayaker. What’s important is capturing you in a variety of elements with confident facial expressions. As far as starting locations, these range from starting at an apartment, house, and hotel. We’re versatile with our shooting ability, so we can make it work just about anywhere! At the bottom, we’ve included some of the best shots from a few sessions for you to see the variety. You might be able to mentally put yourself into a few of the activities/poses.


After booking, you'll do a few things:

  • Fill out our questionnaire.
  • Book a call with your photographer.
  • Review the content in our portal to prepare.

Photoshoot Process

Your photoshoot could go any number of ways, but we want to capture you in your element the best we can.

Starting Location

We need a base location to do the facial expression coaching in the mirror, as well as look through your wardrobe and pick out the best options to shoot in. This could be your apartment, house, or hotel.


After we wrap up the facial expression coaching, we’ll jump into the shots we can do at our base location. This varies depending on the size and what sort of hobbies or interests we can photograph there. These might be shots reading a book on the couch, having a drink on the balcony, making coffee or cocktails, or playing with your dog. If the shoot is at a house, often times, we can get a good chunk, if not all of the shoot done at a sizable house. As long as you switch shirts between each unique shot, we can make the photos look like they weren’t taken on the same day. In the past, we’ve been able to get 15+ shirt changes done at one house.


While we generally won’t be able to do quite as much as if it were a house, we can get a few shots done at the apartment, then move to the ‘clubhouse’ or hangout area of the apartment. Often times, we can stage a cafe looking shot, pool/shuffle board, and a variety of others depending on the complex.


This will be similar to the apartment, except instead of the clubhouse, we’ll use the lobby to get a variety of shots in.

Beyond the Base Location

This will be the time to move to more hobby or interest specific shots that aren’t doable at our initial location. This varies widely between each individual. We could hit the rock climbing gym, go kayaking, hit a cafe, or a few bars.

As far as logistics, our photographers are comfortable running the show and telling you what to do, but are also down to take input on the poses + shoot ideas you have - so feel free to let them know. You’re also welcome to scour our portfolio and save some photos you really like, and we’ll do our best to recreate them. You can view our more thorough portfolio here:


We have three photographers on our team that cover the US and beyond, so we'd love to chat about how we can help fill up your calendar with dates. Book your strategy session below!

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